Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Agam..the band.

Has been very long since I heard good quality non-carnatic music. When I did, I got goosed, I had tears and felt a rush of overwhelming emotions. So moved by the sheer honesty in the lyrics , the plea in the voice of the singer, and the love with which the instrumentalists have played their parts.

This is what I heard. I heard a band called Agam. A piece called "Searching for heavens".

Bilakhte bachpanomein jaaga de zindagi,
tarsti khwahishon ka tu saahil dhoond la.

Woh khoyi jannaton ka pata phir dhoond la.

For every word written, one can say "bhale,sabaash" and get lost in the world of Agam.

"Searching for heavens". After listening to it, I wish to ask the guys, Why search? Its in your music! There is just so much more I wish to write, but how can mere words do justice to this kind of talent and honesty?

Check out more about them here

Wish all of you good health,luck,peace and many more years of good quality music!

Friday, November 20, 2009

am learning..

Walked, Ran, Fell, Failed.
Got up,Ran again, this time won.

Lessons. Its all about learning lessons.
Learning along the way.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Joy that lasts a moment

You sleep. Blissfully unaware of the tears,
that well in my eyes,watching you so sound asleep.
Wondering what you are dreaming about right now,
In and out, in and out, I observe that breath,
and come closer to see those lines on your forehead,
Forming a slight frown as light falls on your eyes,
and I see your forehead relax as I block the light from you.

I can spend a day staring at that fine-looking face,
At a spur of the moment,reality hits hard.
Suddenly, I know, I cannot stare anymore.
I have to set an alarm for the next morning,
to welcome a hustle-bustle filled day ahead of us,
where I cannot even look at you to my heart's content,
and....live the moment.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MLTR...Maiden Learns To dRive...

I hate traffic, crowds, honking and smoke. Everything about driving drove me nuts.

I was very scared to cycle. Then I was scared of the scooty, and then I was terrified of the car. Daddy forced me and took me to a driving school. Did 16 out of the 20 classes and my 'teacher' vanished.

Dad would allow me to drive on the highway with loads of fear. I did not even know how to reverse and all, back then. Then...I got married. The husband started asking me, "So, are you planning to drive the car?” Voice in the head said, "Never". But, being the new bride and all, I did what all newly weds do....

I nodded my head.

What did you think?

Went to the driving school again. This time did all 20 classes (with great difficulty after being pushed and pressurized like hell). The instructor would weep with agony everytime I put the car into a pothole. He would say,” Madam, pothole around hogabeku, not into.". He would say, "Left indicator haaki" and yours truly would promptly put the Right indicator. After overcoming these minor issues, went to the RTO office to get the Learners License. The scary looking inspector asked me to show hand signals for Left and right and it was done. He also asked a very important question. What should you do if you have to overtake another vehicle?

Please do not ask me what I answered.

I do not remember.

Then came the actual lessons. With loads of fear, I would drive around the city. I wonder, maybe the people outside could hear my heartbeat or what. People would sometimes honk like mad at me. Some would yell. Some would roll their eyes and pass by. I would cut people badly and get yelled at. Or I would get mad at someone on the road and swear. The husband put up patiently with all this drama. Sometimes, explaining what I did wrong. Sometimes nearly shouting on top of his voice to get my attention when i was busy frowning at someone on the road.

Then came the D-Day, when the DL had to be done. Finished the two-wheeler round and another big-burly inspector asked me to drive. I started the car.
"Left-Left-Left-Left" he said. Moved the car a little. He said. "Stop. Left Reverse.”. I did that. Then he said, "Ok, move maadi". Asked me my name and where I was from. He said,” Very nice name ma" and signed. Went back to the Office, took a pic, and My DL was Done!!!!! Done Danaa don don!

Balaji, took half-day off for this circus. Pushed me all the way though to attend classes. Get LL done, Get DL done. Patiently sit through while I drove around in 2nd gear where I could have zoomed on 4th.

You know what I did today? I drove from JP Nagar to CV Raman Nagar. Dropped Balaji mid-way @ his office, took the car and went to CVR. In the evening picked him up from his office and drove back all the way home.

It is sometimes nice to be married. To have someone push you constantly to try doing something that you have never done before and are scared to even attempt.

The guy will get his reward. His wife will drop him to office and pick him up with the DL proudly tucked in a safe corner of her wallet!

That is one of the Bucket List items ticked :-)

Friday, November 6, 2009

De cluttering....Life!

The minute I utter the word, 'De clutter', the first thought is that of a spic and span house, spic and span cupboard and so on. Ever thought of all the clutter on your Desktop/Laptop ?

We all have E-Mail Ids and most of us have multiple E Mail accounts. Ever thought of the clutter there? It is very important to de clutter E-Mails. Have separate folders for important projects. Create Rules for E Mails from Admin/HR/Payroll/Policies for official mailbox and have Lables like Family/Friends/Extended-Family/Guitar-Notes/Imp-Links and so on.

If you have subscribed to a group, and the settings for that Group have been set as "E Mail each time there is an update", then your mailbox gets absolutely flooded. This can be solved by setting the Group settings to "Send me Abridged Mails". So that you get the updates once a day, and you can chose which thread to read. The mailbox looked clearer and you save time reading the ones that you are interested in.

Also, it makes sense to create a separate account, just for groups that you subscribe to, so that you don't lose out on personal mails. I learnt these simple lessons , when I almost lost an important mail from a dear friend. I was about to delete it thinking it was spam, since it was buried under some music related group e-mails.

We amass enough and more information in the form of files. Ever logged into your computer and thought, "My God! i cant see my desktop background". I know some people who have some 50 files on the desktop. Also, it is a good idea to organize everything inside a drive, with meaningful names to folders. It helps to search and find stuff faster.

De cluttering is a great stress-buster and you are left with a very good feeling of satisfaction after having..done it!

I am beginning start living a decluttered life. Are you?