Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gooooooooo Cycle!

Cycle. That very word brings in a memory of my mom holding the cycle and running behind me all over the apartment complex that we used to live in Baroda. After three days, when i learnt balancing, i started cycling with friends in the colony in the evenings and then from then on, it became an obsession. I just would keep cycling all over the place.

Slowly as years passed, i needed an upgrade and moved to a cycle with motor. I mean my Scooty ;)

Then that obsession also wore off. I started traveling to office by office transport and then that was the end of all cycling/driving.

Till recently, i started observing loads of people on the road with very nice looking cycles. I was tempted to ask the husband, but refrained, lest he thought i was crazy. Then one fine day, he asked if we can buy a cycle. I was a little apprehensive, since it had been years since i even touched one!

Then we took a few test rides , spoke to a few experts, read opinions and reviews on bike Discussion Forums. We went to buy a used cycle through an Ad.Unfortunately, the frame did not fit me. But the owner was kind enough to give us a few tips and gave us a contact. He also asked us to visit the Firefox showroom. Which we did. And after talking to the showroom guy and also the kind friend, we decided on a Firefox Cosmic.

I rode it around , finding it enormously uncomfortable. Saddle was real hard. Handlebar was very low, saddle very high. Helmet loose and so on. I rode back home in my brand new cycle in the pouring rain.First ride was a damp squib...literally so! Half way, i gave up, and asked the poor husband to ride it and i drove home the car.I looked at the husband after we reached home and he says, "you rode the cycle well. You did a decent job with the car too.". Ok. That was some optimism.

Second try was with the saddle a little low. Better ride but, with a bad back ache, and an elbow pain.

We were clueless. Balaji kept telling me, there is an entire family that stays close to us, and i have seen them wearing "Go Green" T-Shirts. Lets see if we can contact them . We searched and got their contact. He invited us over and we got to meet the Rao Family. Mr.Rao, who is the founder of the Go Green Campaign in Bangalore , is an amazing gentleman and was so very helpful.Apparently, Go Green is a community now, with around 200 guys who cycle for a purpose! We told him our issues and he instantly recognized the issue, and just raised the handle bar a little bit. Now the bike fits me like a dream. For the last three days, i am regularly doing about 4.5kms.

Why should you cycle?
-Why Not ?
-Saves money on fuel.
-You are not confined to 4 walls of the gym.
-Fresh wind blows on your face in the morning.
-Get to see the sunrise :-)
-Shed those excess kilos :D
-End up with well shaped Legs ;)
-It is the latest style statement.

Few Observations/Tips for cycling:
-Never cycle on a completely empty stomach.
-Never cycle on a full stomach.
-Always stretch after cycling.
-If the saddle is hurting, shift on various positions , till you find the right one.
-Don't give up on a UP road.There is plain terrain further ahead.
-Have control while zooming on the DOWN.
-Never lock your elbows. Keep them slightly bent away from the body.
-Bikes and Cars have NO respect for you. They cut you badly and scare the hell out of you. Beware of them.
-If you see fellow cyclist, show a thumbs up. It boosts morale , cheers you and helps enormously.
-ALWAYS wear your helmet. No matter what.

Do you live in South Bangalore and are looking for a cyclist group? Join http://www.gogreengocycling.org/Home

Go Green. Cycle. Sing on top of your voice.Get Fit. Just have Fun.


Goda Ramkumar said...

Inspired to buy a cycle. I shall put an application to my husband.

Mohan Babu B.R. said...

Nice one..... :-) Hope this will inspire some.....

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