Friday, September 4, 2009

The 'S' Factor

Sridharan, Vasumathi:Thanks for the youtube link. I am still in love with tunbam nErgayiL
Shamasundar, Bharathan R: me too. 'Sanjay Splendid Smooth Subrahmanyan '
Sridharan, Vasumathi : :)
Shamasundar, Bharathan R: adding an additional 'S'
Sridharan, Vasumathi: Sanjay Splendid Smooth Super Subrahmanyan
your turn now
Shamasundar, Bharathan R: I can't beat you in a word game
let me think
Sridharan, Vasumathi::) no you can . my vocab sucks
Shamasundar, Bharathan R: Sanjay Splendid Super Smooth Sensational Subrahmanyan
Sridharan, Vasumathi:Sanjay Splendid Super Smooth Sensational Sweet Subrahmanyan
pls dont add Sugar now
Shamasundar, Bharathan R: lol
sugar syrup
thats a good combo
Sridharan, Vasumathi:yes

Shamasundar, Bharathan R: "Sanjay Splendid Super Smooth Sensationally Sweet Sugar Syrup Subrahmanyan "
that is final
Sridharan, Vasumathi:
Shamasundar, Bharathan R:
no more tweaks
Sridharan, Vasumathi:
i cant beat that
we can send this convo to him via mail
Shamasundar, Bharathan R:
Sridharan, Vasumathi: he is an active blogger. so we can get his mail id
Shamasundar, Bharathan R: can you do it?
Sridharan, Vasumathi: :O :O
ayyo ayyo. i was joking
Shamasundar, Bharathan R:
I was serious
you could post this to your blog
if you pls
Sridharan, Vasumathi: really !!!
ok.. thats a thought..

And..thats how this post was born :) :) :)


Revanth said...

Sanjay Sir would simply love this! Seriously! Send this to him!

Bharathan said...

I am reading this over and over again :-)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

wow... you've got a lot of difficult names right here :-)

Sandhya Biswas said...

May be we shud try Scrabbling sometime. I am tempted. :-P