Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Journey..and the faces

Traveling by the local BMTC blue buses is one experience.But, traveling by the Elite AC Volvo buses is another altogether. The bustle for a seat, tension to get into the right bus,remembering bus timings, extracting change from the conductor,are all still a part of the game.

I have been traveling by the volvo for the past couple of months. I notice a deafening silence. The chill of the AC and also the chill of glances that people cautiously dart at one another. Trying to notice the office badge to figure which company you work with.Then pull out the ear phones of iPod/Walkman phones from the laptop bag,and enjoy the music with a poker face without even tapping the fingers to the beat.The bus and its surround completely ignored.Some sleep. Some read books. Some read newspapers. Some just sit and stare....into space or into the faces that sit facing them.

But what startled me was, people don't give up their seats even to pregnant women and old ladies. It is impossible to stand in a Volvo and travel.It is equivalent to standing in a helicopter.

I just wish, the elite snobbish crowd, will become slightly more...warm and humane. It is Ok, to smile at people sitting next to you. Really.*sigh*

I never thought i'd say this, but.. i miss my lively fun office cab days, teasing one another, chattering about movies,music and food.


Sumanth said...

seriously.. i face a similar crowd day after day.. they have become daylight zombies.

Anonymous said...

I have seen u being hooked to ur mobile walkman/ipod..most of the day at office ;)

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

@sumanth, i know what you are talking about :D

:D I know. Am a geek too :|