Tuesday, August 18, 2009

of the little said words

As a kid, i used to love saying "Thank You so much", just because that word sounded so nice to my own ears. I suddenly realized with a start, that i have reduced the use of this word so much. It is generally observed, in relationships, That the 'Thank you' suddenly stops. The 'Sorry' abruptly gets reduced. Sadly, The number of 'I love you's also diminish.Wrong? Right? Acceptable? I know not.

To be fair to the person, we may justify saying, "When hearts and minds are intertwined,Are words even necessary?" But, they are. They very much are. They are not just words. They are words that run deep and touch you most , when expressed sincerely.They always make a difference. The best way to feel the lack of these words best, is imagining your world without them.

Imagine, if you keep doing your housekeeping, keep taking of bills, keep driving your better half to work daily, keep working, without a single word of appreciation or acknowledgment, how would you feel?

So, If you are thinking, i am preaching, you are thinking wrong. I am confessing. I often forget to thank the ones i should. I often forget to say the most important words. I don't remember when was the last time i said, 'i love you mommy/poppy' :-( Maybe 3-4 weeks back. That's an awfully long time back.I don't remember when was the last time i thanked my better half for being the dream he is. I don't remember when was the last time i felt nice and happy just saying the words.

This is more as a reminder to self to just 'say' it more often.

Sorry, this post took so long to come. Thanks for reading....and I love you. I really do.


Revanth said...

You are right choo akka!
As I read the post I realized that even I am not using these words much now-a-days.
These are the little words which make a lot of difference in things and enhance the relationships!

Sumanth said...

very true.. it is one of those things which increases your own happiness the more you give it