Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The 100 and the cleaning marathon

I have hemmed and hawed enough. This is officially my 100th post since April 2007. I have made friends through this blog. More than that, I have figured out, that i can write. I can express and touch people's hearts. This post is dedicated to those of you, to whom, i have managed to make a wee little bit of difference. This is also dedicated to my family *sniff* and *sniff* to GOD above. *Holds her award, mike and frock and takes a bow at the same time praying she does not drop any of the above*

So, first of all, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank you for gracing this occasion of you reading my 100th blog post. (How many more times are you going to mention this? Eh? Read on please.) I would also like to thank you for your patience for waiting for so long for me to finish this post :)

So, each time, my mom would say, "Ok kids, time to clean the house", my sister and me, armed with a bucket of soap water, dusters and face masks would spring clean our home.We would do it like, twice a month.Say, two weekdays. But , But, But, (not the body part) When you are managing all alone, it has to be a daily process. Else, like they say, You are in a lot of mess.Literally.

Housekeeping is like this While(1) kind of a infinite loop. My better half and me are both quite decently organized people. Both our cupboards are organized, i keep my house quite dust free. I hate newspapers lying around randomly and so on. But this week , for the first time in 8 months was an exception.Two continuous weekends we were not at home. Hence the mess just piled up.
I simply HAD to say this to explain to my readers you know.(Haioo, what scene, as if i am some big author and i have 10,000 junta reading this. huh.i can be a little extreme you know sometimes.)

I had quite an upsetting day today actually and that prompted me to .....rant and yell (read blog). So, What else did you think? Moving on, Instead of sitting and sulking and watching TV serials / concert recordings on Youtube (yes, i do that to de-stress, do you mind?), i decided to channelize my energy constructively. I looked around and realized my house is a mess. There were clothes imploring me to fold them. My corner table had cosmetics littered around (I saw the adidas perfume bottle and kajal tell me, "i make you smell heavenly and look pretty, i have fallen and gotten hurt, can you please help me get up?"). The books and CDs were not in the shelf. There were papers/bills lying around. So, i started cleaning up. Inch by inch. Table after table. Shirt after T-shirt and lo and be-hold. After 1.5 hours, my house was sparkling clean. Papers in place.Books in place. De-Cluttered rooms. Clean Kitchen. Aaahhh. Felt so good. Kept my mind off whatever i was worrying about too.
In fact, mood just miraculously changed!

So, what i am trying to tell you here is that, if there is anything upsetting you or you are hurt about something, channelize it in a way, that is useful for you and other people around you.

Happy Cleaning and de-cluttering.

Hope you enjoyed reading my 100th post.(Just in case you forgot)
Mind-Voice :Oh, grow up, its not like you made a million bucks.Its just a silly post, you rosy posy dodo :D :D

Cheers on the 100 :D :D


Revanth said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!
Was waiting for this to come :)

And yeah! Thanks for that wonderful suggestion!From now, I think even i'll clean my room when i feel low.
And as i was reading your post i realized that I live in a something which is next to a mess.. So here i go to clean it up :D

Keep posting! Will be waiting for the 500th post :)

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

@Rev!! 500th and all sli toooo much expectation. But thanks soo much for the love and encouragement :D


Aditto said...

Hey..Wonderful post !..
Was waitng for a post from u since ages !
Congrats BTW :)