Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello...Yes?Who is this?

My love for radio, tape recorder and Walkman started early. AS early as 8 years of age.I'd place the radio close to my ears and fall asleep listening to Vividbharathi's Aap ki Farmaish (and next morning listening to mum scold me , since the battery would get drained by not switching off the radio). Even now, sometimes, when i have trouble sleeping, i switch On my Walkman. Not just a plain Walkman. The Walkman "phone".

I read reviews, Waited for one such phone to release. I "wanted" it so badly (not realizing that i did not "need" it). Saved my salary and bought my prized possession. My Sony Erricson W910i. And one (not-so) fine evening,i end up dropping the phone somewhere...

I lost it. (yes, it still hurts on and off)

It is almost like losing a friend who has been with you for years.My friends know, my phone is used,over-used, over over-used to the extent of being abused by me. I had no intention of changing the phone for the next 2 years! I was so attached and so much in love with it..Losing something dear to your heart can pain you immeasurably.Lost all contacts, messages (that i had saved up, without deleting a single one) and my precious music class recordings, session recordings and songs.

But then, I thought. We have become so addicted to technology and its advances, that even imagining life without it, is scary. I lived without a phone for 2 days. After i got over my grief and accepted the fact that i have lost it, life became easier.I even told B, that i don't need a new phone. I can make do with a spare one. I even felt ashamed of being so attached to an object. (Thats what it is, after all). I always thought, if i ever lost my phone, i would be dead. But, strangely, very strangely, i am still alive. And kicking!

PS1: BSNL were kind enough to give me another SIM with the same number. So, if you ever want to talk, please do call me (and tell me who you are. Remember, i don't have your number anymore) :D

PS2: I am now in love with a new phone. Will let you know after i save up enough money and buy it :D :D

PS3: Talk to me! *Please Please Pretty Please*


Ranjani said...

oh ho! its really sad... but dont worry I can help you get a new phone. By the way Moto phones are good... whoever says otherwise, I am not with them my personal experience phones are sleek,sturdy and stylish with good voice quality!

Revanth said...

Nice post!
After reading your post even i realize that I'm in love with many of these non living things and its a fact that the thought of losing them is really scary!
But from now, i must prepare myself mentally :D so that i wont feel bad even if i lose them....
but i feel sorry for you akka!
Specially for that missing "music classes and music sessions"
And your old phone is really "badh naseeb"[unlucky] for going away from a wonderful owner like you :)

Sandhya Biswas said...

To lose a phone is painful..(the cost-factor makes you guilty) But losing the contacts is like losing your relations :-| You feel cut-off.
And, to lose music stuff is losing your heart.

Most painfull.. Losing a Sony Eric. :( believe me, I've been through this phase.