Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To Utths, with all my love

Dear Readers,
This post is not a rant, nor is it to increase my post count. Today is my dearest sister's 5th Death Anniversary.I wanted to write to her. Shout and Yell. That is all. Feel free to skip this post.I won't mind.

You went. Just like that. Without saying Goodbye. Without giving me that final hug and a peck on my cheek. Without turning back even once. "Kozhandaiya paathukko", were your final words to me. It rings in my ears even today. I looked at you through the grills of the elevator for the last time as you stood at the door with a blank look.It has been 5 years. That you moved on after having left every one of us in despair,misery and tears that don't stop at your thought.

I pray for V, every time i fold my hands in prayer to GOD up above. I pretend that you are living somewhere far away and i cannot meet you right now. It eases the pain for a while. But it does not erase it. I cannot stop my tears which drop every time i pass by that road where you lived. That road where we walked. That restaurant where we went for dinner.I cannot bear that pain at all at those times.

Are you with us? Can you see us go on with life? Do you see us when we silently weep for you? Do you see us when we smile and laugh at jokes and be happy? Are you safe where ever you are? Can i please hold you for one last time? If you say yes, i will hide you where Gods cannot find you and never give you up.Ever.I just wish, i could see you again.Hear that laughter again. See those eyes gleaming with mischief.Hear those absolutely witty and wacky one-liner comments of yours, that would have me rolling on the floor laughing.I miss you and i will miss you till the last day of my life.Diwali can never really be the same without you.Every occasion, every festival will be incomplete without you.Tell me, how do i react when peripa calls out to me and says, "Appdi illa Utthu" and suddenly realises that is it me and not you that he is talking to.

I cannot bear the thought, Utths, that you are gone, and I am alive.It has taken 5 years, and not sunk in completely.I suppose, it never will sink in.I will keep you alive in my heart for as long as i live.I still cannot cannot bear the thought, Utths, that you are gone and i am alive.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hungry Kya?

B and me are home alone :-( . We have been driving together to and from office for the past 2 odd months. We get terribly hungry in the evenings. So much that, we end up discussing food. Move on to fitness/driving/our trip plans/ generally discuss the day and come back to food. And at times like these, (which is very often) we just stop at any random restaurant and just eat whatever is served :-(

We are trying various cuisines these days and the below are our views on two of them.

Gud Dhani:
This is a Rajasthani restaurant that i spotted while B was driving one day and remembered "Apni Dhani", a restaurant that we had been to when we were in Jaisalmer last December. We just randomly stopped by, and i was blown away by the ambiance. Its very very Desi and the walls are painted in the Jaipuri Pink, with very interesting paintings. We had a simple Roti and Dal Bhaati and Kadi. Kadi was too good. We then also had a small cup if Kheer. I have had better kheer, but this was Ok.Food was non-garlicky, non-oily, simple and tasty. Service was good.We liked.

How to get here?
This place is best approached from the Udupi Garden road. Continue straight on this road in the direction *away* from the Advaith petrol pump. Keep going straight until you reach the road that runs adjacent to the Madivala lake. Just at the junction of this road on the right side you will find this place.

Heavy on the wallet? Rs.150/- for two. So, you decide.

This is, as the name suggests, a Bengali restaurant. We had Onion paratha, tandori roti and a garlic nan (my bad. It was and waaaay too garlicky for me). We had Channar Dalna, an aalu sabzi with panner and cashew gravy. A little too sweet.
So, that left us with NO place for the mishthi Dohi :-( The ambiance was lovely. Lots of bright colors, soft Bengali songs in the background. This place also had a room where one could host parties. This is nicely done up with musical instruments. It had a tambura, a few tablas, a sitar too. (none were tuned :-() . We did not like it too much though. Sounds like a good idea to go during lunch hours. They have a buffet which is Rs.199/- + taxes and that had a decent menu. Service was decent.

How to get here? #965, 4th Cross Koramangala, Bangalore -99

Heavy on the wallet? Rs.300/- for two. I decide for you. YES. It is expensive.

Do yourselves a favor. Next time you are in and around BTM, do not miss out Gud Dhani :D

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello...Yes?Who is this?

My love for radio, tape recorder and Walkman started early. AS early as 8 years of age.I'd place the radio close to my ears and fall asleep listening to Vividbharathi's Aap ki Farmaish (and next morning listening to mum scold me , since the battery would get drained by not switching off the radio). Even now, sometimes, when i have trouble sleeping, i switch On my Walkman. Not just a plain Walkman. The Walkman "phone".

I read reviews, Waited for one such phone to release. I "wanted" it so badly (not realizing that i did not "need" it). Saved my salary and bought my prized possession. My Sony Erricson W910i. And one (not-so) fine evening,i end up dropping the phone somewhere...

I lost it. (yes, it still hurts on and off)

It is almost like losing a friend who has been with you for years.My friends know, my phone is used,over-used, over over-used to the extent of being abused by me. I had no intention of changing the phone for the next 2 years! I was so attached and so much in love with it..Losing something dear to your heart can pain you immeasurably.Lost all contacts, messages (that i had saved up, without deleting a single one) and my precious music class recordings, session recordings and songs.

But then, I thought. We have become so addicted to technology and its advances, that even imagining life without it, is scary. I lived without a phone for 2 days. After i got over my grief and accepted the fact that i have lost it, life became easier.I even told B, that i don't need a new phone. I can make do with a spare one. I even felt ashamed of being so attached to an object. (Thats what it is, after all). I always thought, if i ever lost my phone, i would be dead. But, strangely, very strangely, i am still alive. And kicking!

PS1: BSNL were kind enough to give me another SIM with the same number. So, if you ever want to talk, please do call me (and tell me who you are. Remember, i don't have your number anymore) :D

PS2: I am now in love with a new phone. Will let you know after i save up enough money and buy it :D :D

PS3: Talk to me! *Please Please Pretty Please*