Monday, June 22, 2009

When you feel...from within.

She: You never understand my feelings

He: I know how you must have felt.

She: I feel for you from the bottom of my heart.

He: You are so far away from me, yet i feel your warmth on my shoulders.

Feelings. Especially Love. It is all in the heart. Read that again. Its all in the heart. Not in the mind or elsewhere in the body. When two people are deep in love, its all about the way you feel for the person, it is about the way you are made to feel. That tingling sensation within. That stupid grin plastered on your face. That song. That color. That movie. That look. That dimple. That voice. That cafe. That book. That dream. That day.

And when someone you love dearly goes away from you, the pain is also felt. So many of us go through heartbreaks. Each of us has a way of dealing with it too. It hurts. It Hurts so bad that sometimes, it is just like physical pain. And felt so sharp .Tears don't stop. People go through weight loss, loose sleep, get into bad habits and what not. Almost everyone I meet has gone through a rough phase. So rare it is, that people marry their childhood sweethearts and live together happily for a lifetime with the one they have loved ever since they can remember..I envy very few people in this world. This set of people is one that i strongly envy :-)

Apparently, during rough phases, people go through a four phase cycle. Denial-Anger-Depression-Acceptance. I am not saying, just accept things as your fate and move on. I am saying , if there is someone you love, dearly, with all your heart and soul, find out if that person feels the same way about you. And if the answer is YES, then fight for the person. Move heaven and earth and get the person. It will all be worth the effort in the end. Its OK, to fight and loose. But its definitely not OK, to just give up and say, NO, this is not working and later lament and say , "I wish....".

If you have decided that all is over, then well, its time to Move on. And *moving on* is yet another story!

Good Luck and may the GOD up above bless you!

PS: I wrote this for a select set of close friends. I pray to GOD, they get the hint and work things out...for their own sake.


Karthik Murali said...

awesome post..
and i absolutely get the hint
thanks mate

Ranjani said...

good one for all those who deserve! neat , straight and clear...

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

well, some people do fight some cant. I think the four phases come after we are done fighting :-)

Well written.

Sandhya Biswas said...

yabbbbbaaaaaa post! I haven't ever had tears after reading a blog, I haven't been smiling for sooo long after I read a blog post. But, I just did that! :)

Revanth said...

**No Words**
One of the most wonderful posts!
Rock on Akka!!

Wonly wone queschin?
How can u write so well?

Aditto said...

Wonderful post .. No words :-)You rock :-)