Sunday, June 7, 2009

The half-yearly assesment is here..

Ha! So, what keeping me busy these days, you ask? I shall kindly oblige all of you and let you in on the secret.

....just don't tell anyone ok?

So, Mrs.Vasumathi.Balaji-Sridharan,
-has become an early riser.
-sleeps early and peacefully after struggling to sleep for just a few minutes instead of spending hours by counting the number of times the fan rotates.
-has resumed reading books (B deserves a special mention, since i have been reading his collection which is pretty decent. I have read up Sudha Murthy's 4 books. Of which i loved Mahaswetha.I also read Opal Mehta and loved it to bits.Finished Go Kiss the World by Subrato Bagchi and enjoyed it.Read a few Fiction here and there and liked them).
- is starting to enjoy some good English comedy films and liked 'My Cousin Vinnie'. Still rolling on the ground and laughing after watching it :D
- is in-charge of the kitchen (almost completely on her own).
- has learnt to wear a sari (almost by herself)
- Does not eat chocolates,ice-creams or potato chips. AT ALL.. (well..almost)
- Dresses up
- Wears lipstick (and eats it up after a while, just like old times)
- Drives on Bangalore roads
- Has stopped making new friends.
- Has stopped being in touch with her old ones.
- Has stopped buzzing her friends , just like that to say Hi.
- Is focused at work
- Is much organized than before and makes lists and crosses them off.
- Has lost weight (and how!) and is very very pretty now.
- Has signed up for Yoga classes.
- Is trying her (hand)legs at running.
- Has stopped writing poetry and feels bad about it.
- Smiles more and gets stressed less.
- Thinks for one second and then opens her mouth to answer. (recent most development)
- Argues lesser by the day.
- Is not seen much in pink
- Is not seen jumping up and down like a kid getting excited about a pink water bottle.
- Still hates hanging up wet clothes in the clothes line :-(
- Stopped signing/listening to music for no particular reason.
- Eats fruits like banana and papaya (eeeeeeeks), which she earlier thought were only for face-packs.
- Eats sprouts almost daily and almost given up on her craving for junk food. (This is just partially true.Hope to make it completely true by this year end)
- And..finally, is awesomely awesomely proud of her husband for completing the World Open 10Km Run in just 57 mins.Goooooooooooo Bee!! >:D<

Goals/Plans for the next 6 months:-
#Relationships = Communicate clearly + solve that day's probs that day + learn to cook + be more open + sulk and crib less , coz it does NOT make life easier
#Fitness = Yoga + 5Km run in dec
#Health = Eat on time and healthy
#Work = Focus + SQL Server 2008 cert + Proj + Extra activities + organised + waste less time.
#Music = 2 Varnams + 1 Tillana + 2 Dikshitar Krithis + 2 Purandara daasar Krithis + 2 Tyagaraja Krithis + Do atleast 15 Paasurams
#Spiritual Activity = Take up and Finish one temple proj + learn more about Ramanuja's school of thought
#Travel = Coorg + Mangalore
#Day-to-day = WAKE UP EARLY + drink more water + Smile more + Talk less
#Creative = Write more and write sense + think up an idea for a book maybe.

Lets see how far i get. Wish you and me loads of luck :-)


Ranjani said...

All I can do is just post a smile in here a big one indeed :-)))))

Ranjani said...

All I can do is just post a smile in here a big one indeed :-)))))

Revanth said...

All the best ;)
I wonder how you get such wonderful ideas to post!

Rock on

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

cool... good self reflection :-)

Madhumathi said...

PLz change this black background, very difficult to read!!

Aditto said...

Wonderful post Sue..Thats really cool.:-)

Sandhya Biswas said...

You've inspired me to set deadlines and be systematic :) Thanks, my role model!

Sandhya Biswas said...

What an idea Setji :D