Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To buddies, With Love..

My anchor when my boat flutters in the waves,
My sunshine on a morose cloudy day,
My smiles though my tears,
My brightest twinkling star on a starry night.

My Extended-family labeled e-mails when i feel the world has forgotten me,
My Gtalk Colon D's during Office hours,
A sudden phone call just to hear my voice,
A sudden hug, when i want to run away and hide under the bed.

A word of encouragement when depressed,
A kind word when my heart is sad,
A harsh one, when i need to hear it,
My strongest support system...
How else do i thank you,
Other than just to say a big....

I don't get too many chances to thank my friends.This poem is for every friend of mine. My friends, Who are all my family. My world is just so terribly incomplete without them. Thank you for being there in every sense. I owe each one of you a lot. You do mean so much to me and i want you all to know that you are in my prayers and in my heart. I might not call you as often as i used to. I might not write to you as often as i wish i could. Does *NOT* mean i have forgotten you. *sniff*. OK, no more drama. I seriously intended to thank you. I do not wish to digress, so,
*imagine me bowing low* Domo Arigato Gozaimasu .

PS : PK, Thanks for the idea behind this post

Monday, June 22, 2009

When you feel...from within.

She: You never understand my feelings

He: I know how you must have felt.

She: I feel for you from the bottom of my heart.

He: You are so far away from me, yet i feel your warmth on my shoulders.

Feelings. Especially Love. It is all in the heart. Read that again. Its all in the heart. Not in the mind or elsewhere in the body. When two people are deep in love, its all about the way you feel for the person, it is about the way you are made to feel. That tingling sensation within. That stupid grin plastered on your face. That song. That color. That movie. That look. That dimple. That voice. That cafe. That book. That dream. That day.

And when someone you love dearly goes away from you, the pain is also felt. So many of us go through heartbreaks. Each of us has a way of dealing with it too. It hurts. It Hurts so bad that sometimes, it is just like physical pain. And felt so sharp .Tears don't stop. People go through weight loss, loose sleep, get into bad habits and what not. Almost everyone I meet has gone through a rough phase. So rare it is, that people marry their childhood sweethearts and live together happily for a lifetime with the one they have loved ever since they can remember..I envy very few people in this world. This set of people is one that i strongly envy :-)

Apparently, during rough phases, people go through a four phase cycle. Denial-Anger-Depression-Acceptance. I am not saying, just accept things as your fate and move on. I am saying , if there is someone you love, dearly, with all your heart and soul, find out if that person feels the same way about you. And if the answer is YES, then fight for the person. Move heaven and earth and get the person. It will all be worth the effort in the end. Its OK, to fight and loose. But its definitely not OK, to just give up and say, NO, this is not working and later lament and say , "I wish....".

If you have decided that all is over, then well, its time to Move on. And *moving on* is yet another story!

Good Luck and may the GOD up above bless you!

PS: I wrote this for a select set of close friends. I pray to GOD, they get the hint and work things out...for their own sake.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The half-yearly assesment is here..

Ha! So, what keeping me busy these days, you ask? I shall kindly oblige all of you and let you in on the secret.

....just don't tell anyone ok?

So, Mrs.Vasumathi.Balaji-Sridharan,
-has become an early riser.
-sleeps early and peacefully after struggling to sleep for just a few minutes instead of spending hours by counting the number of times the fan rotates.
-has resumed reading books (B deserves a special mention, since i have been reading his collection which is pretty decent. I have read up Sudha Murthy's 4 books. Of which i loved Mahaswetha.I also read Opal Mehta and loved it to bits.Finished Go Kiss the World by Subrato Bagchi and enjoyed it.Read a few Fiction here and there and liked them).
- is starting to enjoy some good English comedy films and liked 'My Cousin Vinnie'. Still rolling on the ground and laughing after watching it :D
- is in-charge of the kitchen (almost completely on her own).
- has learnt to wear a sari (almost by herself)
- Does not eat chocolates,ice-creams or potato chips. AT ALL.. (well..almost)
- Dresses up
- Wears lipstick (and eats it up after a while, just like old times)
- Drives on Bangalore roads
- Has stopped making new friends.
- Has stopped being in touch with her old ones.
- Has stopped buzzing her friends , just like that to say Hi.
- Is focused at work
- Is much organized than before and makes lists and crosses them off.
- Has lost weight (and how!) and is very very pretty now.
- Has signed up for Yoga classes.
- Is trying her (hand)legs at running.
- Has stopped writing poetry and feels bad about it.
- Smiles more and gets stressed less.
- Thinks for one second and then opens her mouth to answer. (recent most development)
- Argues lesser by the day.
- Is not seen much in pink
- Is not seen jumping up and down like a kid getting excited about a pink water bottle.
- Still hates hanging up wet clothes in the clothes line :-(
- Stopped signing/listening to music for no particular reason.
- Eats fruits like banana and papaya (eeeeeeeks), which she earlier thought were only for face-packs.
- Eats sprouts almost daily and almost given up on her craving for junk food. (This is just partially true.Hope to make it completely true by this year end)
- And..finally, is awesomely awesomely proud of her husband for completing the World Open 10Km Run in just 57 mins.Goooooooooooo Bee!! >:D<

Goals/Plans for the next 6 months:-
#Relationships = Communicate clearly + solve that day's probs that day + learn to cook + be more open + sulk and crib less , coz it does NOT make life easier
#Fitness = Yoga + 5Km run in dec
#Health = Eat on time and healthy
#Work = Focus + SQL Server 2008 cert + Proj + Extra activities + organised + waste less time.
#Music = 2 Varnams + 1 Tillana + 2 Dikshitar Krithis + 2 Purandara daasar Krithis + 2 Tyagaraja Krithis + Do atleast 15 Paasurams
#Spiritual Activity = Take up and Finish one temple proj + learn more about Ramanuja's school of thought
#Travel = Coorg + Mangalore
#Day-to-day = WAKE UP EARLY + drink more water + Smile more + Talk less
#Creative = Write more and write sense + think up an idea for a book maybe.

Lets see how far i get. Wish you and me loads of luck :-)