Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My friend, How do I make you SMILE?

In the course of the journey of my short life, i have earned lot of friends. A LOT. And almost on a daily basis, i have my friends who come to me and vent out all their woes. Almost on a daily basis, my friends ping me about relationship issues either with parents or friends or fiances or the most dreaded of the lot 'in-laws'.The agony-aunt who is hiding within me surfaces at such times.I take enormous pride on being a support system for my friends. For standing by them and supporting them in times of their need gives me immense satisfaction. At times like these,i feel the purpose of being born, the purpose of my existence has a meaning. Giving them a patient hearing, giving them my empathy and maybe give them some positive energy and some positive hopeful words.Sometimes just a hug.A pat. A reassuring squeeze of the hand. These really do work wonders!

Sometimes, sitting in solitude, when i think of them,I get depressed, and even cry for them who are sad and are leading difficult lives. Then i realized, being too empathetic, i had started drawing parallels with my life. I started imagining these problems with myself and made my own life a mess. It took time to realize what a blunder it was! It took time, to realize that all of us are different from one another and all of us have a 'different' set of problems.With time i have made my peace with the fact that i cannot change things for people who are close to my heart. I cannot take away their pain from them. All i can do is give them a patient hearing. Give a pep talk and make them feel a little better. Remind them that there are people worse than them. Give them hope for a better tomorrow. Motivate them to change and BE the change they are looking for.I feel, more than this, i really cannot do more!

But...I wish, Oh how i wish i can change things and make all my friends a happy and a smiling bunch of people!

I am beginning to believe that, whatever happens in life, happens for good. There is a supreme being.He has a plan for each one of us. All we need to do, is to keep faith. Whatever problems we have today, either they will reduce in size or be gone forever tomorrow.Quoting my all-time favorite quote, "For tomorrow is yet another day"-Gone With the Wind-Margrett Mitchele.

Here's to all of you sitting in various parts of the world, reading this, I sincerely, from the bottom most tip of my heart , Wish you a happy, healthy and a wonderful wonderful life.

Monday, May 18, 2009

For tomorrow..may be too late

Express, for tomorrow may be too late.
Dance in the rain, for it may stop.
Watch that movie today, it might go off theaters tomorrow.
Smell that coffee, coffee seeds might stop sprouting.

Go on that boat ride today,all the water may evaporate later.
Make up silly fights today, else the person may be gone...
Work today, else the projects might be gone.
Study today, school life does not last forever.

Sing aloud today, throat may be sore tomorrow.
Get that pretty pink dress today,else it might go off stores.
Pray today, God might get too busy for you tomorrow
Sleep today to dream, for then, the night might become too still.

I don't know what has come over me. Since yesterday, I am starting to live moments of life like there is no tomorrow. And it feels so refreshingly good. Someone once said to me, "Live the moment" and it is one of the most profound of all the advice that i have ever received.Hope the good trend continues and i don't slip back to become the moody idiot that i am and lose out on the beauty of TODAY.

Just Live it and See. You will know what i am talking about :-)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Fifth!

Its been five months.

FIVE months.

Of being married.
Of a trip to the dessert and palaces
Of being away from my parents
Of being away from my sister
Of being away from my room
Of being away from my swing
Of just being.
Of sharing a room with a new roommate.
Of getting used to the new AXE smell
Of a new kitchen
Of new "rules"
Of breakfasts,lunches,dinners and coffee with a new family
Of calling new people as Amma Appa.
Of a new nephew who never ceases to make me smile.
Of a rose on and off
Of a brief period of sickness
Of all the care shown
Of the small fights
Of tears of homesickness
Of suddenly feeling that i am away from my friends too
Of suddenly spending loads of time with his friends and calling them my own.
Of the joy of seeing both sets of parents having lunch together
Of cooking with a mother-in-law discussing music
Of chatting with a sister-in-law for hours together
Of trips to temples.
Of uncontrollable mood swings
Of the chocolate ice cream at midnight
Of the new haircut
Of the unplanned Ooty trip
Of a gentle caress and a kiss when i am asleep
Of making list and shopping for groceries
Of the dozen concerts attended together
Of being cherished and treasured.
Of cherishing and treasuring.
Of admiring him in that new shirt of my choice
Of the flying kiss before going to office.
Of his sms saying something cute to remind me of him.
Of giving missed calls sitting next to one another
Of watching comedy movies and laughing away to glory.
Of suddenly remembering funny lines and reciting to one another.
Of the sudden protective hand-grip in a crowd
Of the random bouts of sulking
Of the bad cooking
Of the good cooking
Of new found love
Of his voice calling my name
Of the little moments of laughter
Of the comfortable silence.
Of a sudden unexpected hug
Of hope of a sweet future

Balaji,This one is for Us!!

Happy Fifth. Thank You for being You and tolerating the non-stop nonsense chatter and the silence,the music and the noise, the mood swings and the love :-)

(nobody else could have lived through it.Congratulations! You made it honeybunny!)