Monday, April 6, 2009

My Quirks..

I am back (Tala Ajithstyle and all). Ages since i wrote anything on this space(Read i have been sooper busy doing random things and living a random life).

Ok. So?

So,I started writing this a few months back and just managed to complete it a while ago. This is officially my 84th published post (with a few in drafts). I do not believe it that i have so much to rant about..Huh. So here are a few of my Quirks. And i hope to God, some of you can relate to this and i am not the only idiot who feels and thinks like this!

Go read (and get bored)

1.When i walk on tiles, i place my feet in the center of the square tile. If i place them on the sides, i feel i am falling.
2.When i drive i only know when i start and suddenly i am at my destination. I sometimes have no clue how i got there. Meaning, i just wont have any memory of how i drove.
3.I have to sing, when i drive. Loudly. Yes
4.I can close my eyes and operate my mobile. Ex: When i go for a walk in the mornings, i put the mobile in my pocket , and change songs in the pocket itself. I don’t need to take it out, change songs/radio channels.
5.If someone serves me 2 rotis or 2 dosas, i have to finish one and then start the other. I dont like to tear both at the same time. It annoys me.
6.I have to wear a smile in every snap else i don’t like the snap of mine. I am actually not smiling at the camera. I usually smile at the photographer or think of something and smile. But smile anyway.
7.I sleep most peacefully lying on my tummy. I get nightmares if i sleep on the sides.
8.I count the steps when i climb them. Almost always.
9.I find hindustani classical music, a little boring.
10.When i see random people, i try to make up small stories about them and their lives.
11.I have an exceptional memory of faces and names. I always mix up faces with names though.
12.I clearly remember almost every episode of Ramayana, Mahabharata,Jungle Book, Oshin , Bomkesh Bakshi and Stone Boy that i have seen as i child.
13.I manage to remember events and dates easily and can exactly tell you dialogues if you ask me.
14.I am sometimes extremely quiet.
15.Voices in my head are sometimes very loud and i am scared people can hear them.
16.I like bent potato chips that are slightly reddish in colour.
17.I throw up sometimes if i eat more then 2 rotis.
18.Smell of banana nauseates me.
19.Any non-vegetarian smell can make me throw-up.
20.I take the ones who are closest to me for granted. I say Thank You. But i NEVER say Sorry . I don’t know why.
21.I live in my dream-world. I create make-believe characters in my mind and make-up random stories.
22.I hate crowds. They make me uneasy.
23.I am terrified of crossing the road alone.
24.I always mix up Left and Right.
25.My tamizh sucks.

After reading this, If you are still awake, i love you.


Ranjani said...

22,24,25 r my voices too!!!!! Hurray I am not the only one!!

Revanth said...

Yes i am still awake after reading this simple yet Vachoo-ish post ;)
You get a same pinch for the following points,
4,7,9,10,14,15,16,18,21,22,25 :)
Well i loved this post
Keep blogging frequently akka...
Fans waiting ;)

Vasumathi Sridharan said...


Dankoo. That makes Sue a relieved damsel :-)

*takes a bow*.Btw, what kind of a mathematical series was that? ;-)

Revanth said...

That does nt seem to be in any series akka..
Not AP, not GP, not HP and not AGP also...
Call it RSPP ;)
Rev's same pinch points :D
I know that was a pj and only i can laugh at that :D

Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

Made me laugh out loud for most of the points :))

Aditto said...

Ah...Glad that people share quirks :D

Archana Achuthan said...

Same Pinch for most of the points vasu :) Glad u wrote this out!!

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

@Rev :)
@Ramku I know you did :D
@Adi I am glad too! Whew!
@Arch Thanks. Blog more often!