Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Me and Pink.

I Have

01.Pink toothbrush
02.Pink Soap box
03.Pink Pen-Pencil :-|
04.Pink Clothes by (a couple of ) the dozen(s)
05.Pink Panther (stuffed of course!)
06.Soft toys with pink nose(s)
07.Pink Umbrella.
08.Pink nail polish
09.Pink bucket and mug.
10.Pink wall hanging.
11.Pink purse.
12.Pink Cap.
13.Pink Slippers.
14.Pink hand towels.
15.Pinkish bed spread.
16.Pink Table cover.
17.Pink night dress
18.Pink bindis and rubberbands.
19.Pink bangles and earrings.
20.Pink Saree(s).

I want

01.Pink shruthi box.
02.Pink walking shoes
03.Pink laptop bag.
04.Pink lunchbox and pink lunchbox bag.
05.Pink clothes.
06.More pink clothes.
07.Many more pink clothes.
08.Many many more pink clothes.
09.Ok, i guess, you get the drift..
10.Pink car.
11.Pink passport.
12.Pink laptop (slurb slurb).
13.Pink gems (the chocolate)
14.Pink room (or no, wait , maybe a lavender room).
15.Pink curtains.
16.Pink crockery.

I am picturing Bee holding his head in his hands and asking God, "Why Me?". But, if he knows his math right (which he does), he will easily see that, my wants are very few.



Revanth said...

Pink...Pink.. Pink..
I know the obsession women have for this colour. God bless pink!! :)

Well Vachoo akka.. if i want to gift you with something i know what to give.. Something PINK :D

I like your love for this colour...

confounded-lady said...

Love your love for pink...that was a cute line :)

Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

My sympathies with B :P But yeah, pink looks cute on women :D

Aditto said...

"font color=pink"
Wish the post was in you-know-what color

PS:font tags are not allowed it seems :D

Archana Achuthan said...

Pink is our colour Vasu!! :) U missed out something... pink sugar candy :p
& pink lollypop :)