Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When i am Alone...I.. Listen!

I dont like being alone. Be it going shopping,for a walk,eating out or watching cinema.Most of all,I hate eating alone.At home or elsewhere. I mean, i really H.A.T.E it. Today was one of those very rare occasions where i had no company for lunch. I decided i would eat alone and just get done. Ordered bread and jam and sat down for a bite. The cafeteria was extremely crowded and noisy.I swore under my breath and wondered if this place would ever get a moment of peace here! If i had been there with a group, i would never have noticed the noise in the first place, instead would have added a few hundreds of decibels to the noise around.

Yenihoo, Sorry for the digress. (Before you get bored , give-up on me and leave this page, let me tell you, i am getting to the point.)

So when i am alone in crowded places, i look at people, observe their expressions and sometimes make up random stories about them (ya, its one of my quirks), but i admit have never payed much attention to what those faces were saying

So (again) the point is, i was eating alone and i caught a few snippets of conversation.

Guy1 to Group:Have you guys tasted gujarati khaana? Tried Khaakra or Dhokla?
A Bored Gal in Group: Ya..the paapad and idly like thingies?
Guy1 (ob a gujju): Ya ,Shit Maaan, i miss it all soooo much

Girl1 (whiney voice) to other Girls in group : I am not finding a maid only in bangalore
Another Girl from group:Contact an agency no? They are expensive but.
Girl1:Ya da, bangalore is bloody soooo expensive (sighs) .I wish my mom would come and help me for a few days. I just feel like putting my son with her and sleeping for 10hrs..(sighs again).

Man1 : So do you know whats latest on the Satyam scam?
Man2: Yeah, the guy got bail it seems!! Darn..

Man1:So what special this weekend
Man2:Am going to eat non-veg after 2 months! My vegetarian wife is going to her dad's place.(Smiles peacefully)

Man1:I enjoy having lunch with this team
Man2:Yeah..we do enjoy when we are together.Full of jokes. But we are very committed when it comes to work .Right guys?
Man1:So, whats hapening with the FPS project?Is it on time?
Girl1:Oh yes. We are well ahead of schedule.The customer is quite pleased.

Girl1 to Girl2 (looking around to see if someone was watching her, lowering her tone):So, How was it last night? with him i mean..

Man1:Heard the inspirational speech by Barrack Obama?
Girl1:Yeah..he is kinda cute no?

Girl1:My mother-in-law is the wickedest thing that happened to the world
Girl2:Take mine then no? (lots of laughter at the table)
Girl1:The only good she has done is given birth to my husband.
Girls-in-Group : :| (They don’t know how to react and hence keep quiet)

Girl1(excited high-pitched tone):Know what? theres a 50% Off SALE at Shoppers Stop and Westside at Garuda Mall! Gets go na please? My boyfriend has anyway gone out of town.
Girl2:No ya, no money, also where do we get time in the weekend? I have to clean the kitchen,the 2 bathrooms and my husband's cupboard. Cha, its a huuuge mess!

Meghna:Guys, have the requirement on the EM Dashboard project freezed?
Guy1:Ya Megh, will mail you the updates post-lunch.

Girl1 (Smiles coyly and blushes):I am going to meet Rahul today, after Threeeee fulllll days!
Girl2(Winks): Wowww...Enjoy ! Have fun!! Be good to him ;)

I also noticed a couple of guys checking out other women walking past (and vice-versa) :D

This exercise (eating alone i mean) much more fun than i thought it would be.Much.



revanth said...
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priyadarshini said...

superb!!! i couldnt control ma laugh. i wonder wat ur collegues would b thinkin n "where" do they fit in all these "girl1" and "guy" places........hoping to see other comments too

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

Thanks pa.

PS0:Not all these were real. I made some of them up. But they are what actually happen. I assure you that much!

PS1:I did not concentrate on what they were talking. they were too loud. Their bad :D

Thanks! Welcome to Voices from Within and Enjoy!

Archana Achuthan said...

Too good vasu!! I also like 2 listen 2 bits and pieces of convos 2 :)

Aditya said...

hahahaha..nice one!!!

can u tel us the "made up conversations "... !! ;)