Monday, January 12, 2009

The wedding and beyond..Thus far

The wedding hullabaloo gave us a few moments to cherish :) and a few to forget.
A wonderful and memorable relaxed week at Rajasthan, visiting palaces, forts and lakes and some amazing sunsets at Jaipur,Jaisalmer Samdunes,Jaisalmer City,Jodhpur,Udaipur,Chittorgadh,Pushkar.The week flew past and gave me loads of smiles, fun, jokes and poems! Back to Bangalore and a week of office work and cleaning and unpacking gripped Balaji and me. The last two weeks of a very laid back holiday at Podhanur,Coimbatore made me very homesick and sick with Viral infection.

I admit that i yearn to wake up to amma's samayal smell, the familiar agarbatti smell,the sound of her DivyaPrabandam chants,the sound of my dad yelling "Vayyuuu, where is the Tax file?" , the sight of Charu rolled up into the razai, the sound of sun music channel,neighbour's rock music,another neighbours guitar, familiar smell of my house err, my dad's house, familiar bed and pillow and a hundred other familiar things i am used to.I yearn for all of them.A change is indeed hard to accept.Its sometimes harder than i thought it would be. A lump forms in the throat on and off and goes away after a few times i swallow hard and blink my eyes to brush away the tears.I would like to think i am OK and all will be fine.But i still yearn.
Satisfy myself and tell myself that i am living with a guy who loves me and will do anything to see me smiling and happy.That is indeed just what makes the ride worthwhile!

Now that i am back to Bangalore and i am trying to set into a routine of cooking..err..learning to cook, cleaning, hanging wet clothes and folding dried ones,general house-work,office work, music, a little bit of writing, trying small surprises to keep the husband happy, making up new stories to keep him entertained,finding out what makes his deep dimple appear, find out exactly how he likes his coffee,finding out his favourite music,faking anger and making him pacify me ;), eat ice-creams in the middle of the night,keep tab of friends and family ...all this in a day's work.

I was and still am terribly apprehensive and wonder how my cooking will be. Will salt be enough? Have the vegetables cooked enough? I ask him and he says "I will eat anything you make. So dont worry.I have seen days where i could not get curd rice also to eat, so anything you make will be fine.". If at all i ask him how the food is, he says "Good effort.Needs a little more salt" or "Its good, leave the vegetables to boil a little more from next time". And its said in such an encouraging tone, that I fall in love with him...all over again!

I would like to think that i am managing so far and managing pretty decent compared to the way i was at dad's place.I have always been afraid to light the stove/lamp/crackers or anything that ahs to do with fire. Everytime i have done that in the past, i have hurt myself. I am now figuring out the fact that i need to stock up burnol in the kitchen. Looks like i will use it more than i will use table salt :|

Small things like drawing a Kolam, lighting the lamp,cooking, cleaning,folding clothes, all of which used to be taken care of by my Amma and i just used to go to office , come back and food would be hot in the table and sometimes (read most often ) would be fed to me directly.I yearn for it all. But i am learning to do all this on my own so its fun.For me.

So that was a brief about my wedding and beyond. I will be back with a travelogue of Rajasthan and pics soon.


Confounded-Lady said...

Talk about a rollercoaster ride. Yeah marriage does that to you. At least you didnt rollercoast your way to the US. Be happy :P
Kidding...enjoy the ride ma :)

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

Oh yeaa!! That would have been even more tough! Ooops, i don even wanna think 'bout it.But you have fun while you are there and enjoy skiing :D

revanth said...

Well.. it was very much vachoo-ish..
Vachoo-ish is a word invented by me.. which in short depicts all the feels...full-of-energy,,..damn funny...thoroughly enjoyable and had a lot of sense....
you were simply super vachoo akka...
Love you loads...!!!

P.S. It was touching..!! :)

Archana Achuthan said...

Enjoy the joy ride vasu :) When u think of it years later you'll have a hearty laugh... & ya u r still in the same city as your parents, so keep smiling :)

Gowri Rao said...

Su.. now you are seeing life... this is how it will be. yu always have a choice of looking at it positively or negatively. You being an optimist, will adjust to life real fine. Just hang in there for a few months ans you will become a pro. Balaji Jij sounds really sweet!!! Trust me doing all that for a man like him is worth every single effort you are putting in to adjust right now.

I never had the feeling of leaving my moms comfort... but i still can understand the feeling of being lost and trying to find the right way in the begining. yu cook well di... i have eaten the potato curry you made.. it tastes delicious. so dont worry... you will get there in time.

cyril said...

hey! as you acclimatise your life around the R&D of domesticity, let me tell you got yourself a very supportive husband...enjoy maddi
cheers :-)