Friday, January 30, 2009

She hides..

As a child, she always loved to play hide-and-seek. She grew up never really realising, when and how it became an integral part of who she became as a person. As she grew up to be a warm and a sensitive woman, and began to observe people, she realised most of them were out there to hurt another person. By deed or by words. Cutting words and actions, which would instantly cut her quick.

She developed this habit of hiding then. She would just hide. Hide her tears behind her thick glasses, hide her emotions deep within her heart, hide all the hurt deep in her mind. Always ready to forgive and move on...but never to forget. She never forgot a single incident. She always remembered everything bad that had happened to her. But she never shared them, with anyone. Even if she did, it would be a small part of the entire situation.

She always thought of everyone as "good". Her well-wishers and close friends always told her, "Not all are like you.There are bad people in this world.Learn to differentiate between good and bad.You cannot survive otherwise".She would smile and nod. Deep in her heart, she knew she was incapable of branding someone "Bad".

She learnt quickly to distinguish between positive and negative comments and statements. Life then taught her lessons to face such people. With a warm smile sometimes. With a kind word sometimes, sometimes just moving away from that place. She realised people who try to hurt others are sad within. But at that moment, they have a negative energy within. To vent that, they use others as a target. They are not bad people.He/She is never bad as a person.Time is sometimes bad, moods are sometimes bad.Words are sometimes bad. That is it.

Now, she does what she has learnt best. She hides...with a smile.


revanth said...

That shows the kind heart of yours and positive energy in you...which makes you look at everyone in a positive way...!!!

I always used to assume that people who hurt me are bad...!!

But today looking at the positive way you tking things i think i must change my mind too... :)

all hail vachoo akka..!!

Vasumathi Sridharan said...


Raama!! That was fiction pa! See the tags!! But if u change for good, i am sure it will be for your good :-)

God Bless you :-)

Anusha Srinivasaraghavan said...

i agree with 'revanth'
even i used to think the same way..

but i think from now on i would think the 'Vasu'way. :)

hats off Vasu!!

Rohit... hyderabad ladka said...
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revanth said...

thats not fiction all of us know how wonderful u are...!! :) :)

Ranjani said...

I have no Comments " Hats Off Vasu" a warm hug!!

Archana Achuthan said...

Same pinch!!! :)

Archana Achuthan said...

Same pinch!!! :)