Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It will pass..I hope.

Sometimes there is so much pain,
That there is a sharp pain in the head,
Vision blurrs and the world around spins,
That moment passes, and time moves on.

There is sometimes pain,Then there is more pain,
And then there is numbness,
Feels as if someone has splashed ice-cold water,
That moment too passes, and time moves on.

A once-upon-a-time cheerful heart,
That was once filled with content,
Is now half-empty and yearns for familiarity
This moment too will pass, and time will move on.

@Woo, Amma, Appa,
I miss you.

Note to Friends (those of who read my blog, and i love you for it) and Family (other than The-Husband, noone reads it):
1.Do NOT panic.
2.Wriiten in a state of homesickness. Don't give too much thought. This 'will' pass or so I'd like to tell myself.
3.In fact, dont bother to read this post :D (Am just posting to increase my post number. This is number 79 by the way :D) Why else did you think? ;-)

Note to The-Husband:
1.I dont need to write notes to you, You know me better than my mirror knows me [i'd like to tell that to myself and the world ]


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