Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Desperate Mothers Out On a Bride Hunt !!

The desperation to find a "suitable","good-looking","well-educated", "well-behaved","spiritually-elevated" girl (ya ya, i fit all those) for a typical tam-bram boy is beocming increasingly difficult for the 'desperate-mothers-out-on-a-bride -hunt' (lets call them DMOOBH) of these "US-based","IT-employed","MS" boys. I have come accross various such *embarrassing* and most often comical instances where such DMOOBHs have walked up to me and asked for my mom's number.Put into such situations i would be very polite.

DMOOBH: "I am looking out for my son, where do you live?"
Me: "Who me? Sorry, i am engaged"

DMOOBH: "My son is a BE ma.Avanukku ponnu tedaren"
Me: "Oh nice, I am working on my Ph.D ,maami."
DMOOBH:" "Appdiya..nanna padi ma."

...and many more such instances.

Yesterday's incident was the jewel on the crown of such comedies. I went to Tirumalagiri kovil and happened to attend a Tiruppavai upanyasam.It so hapens that the toe-ring on one of my feet are very loose, so i am wearing toe-ring on one feet and nothing on the other.

While listening to the upanyasam, i folded the feet that had the toe-ring on and kept the other feet without the toe-ring forward.I was unaware of the fact that one such DMOOBH was sitting next to me. She looked at my feet (without the toe-ring ) and started questioning me!

DMOOBH: "Nee yenga irukke?" [where do you live]
Me:"Inga kitte JP nagar" [Close-by, JP nagar]
DMOOBH:"Enna pannra?" [What do you do?]
Me: (very confused and wondering why is she questioning me!) "Work pannaren" [I work]
DMOOBH:(eyes lit-up) "Unga appa number kudu" (Give me your dad's number)
Me: (bulbed totally) "Yean maami?" [Why maami?]
DMOOBH: (sly look) "Illa engaathula payyan irukkan" [No, i have a son..]
Me: (flabbergasted) "Ayyo maami, naan ennoda maamanaar oda vandurken"
[I have come with my Father-in-law]
DMOOBH: (dejected) "Kaal la metti illaye" [you are not wearing toe-ring?]
Me: "Inda kaal la irukke!!" [its there on this feet !]

Came back home and had a sooper good laugh. Acion item of the weekend. Get that blasted toe-ring fixed!

These DMOOBHs i tell you!


Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

Aaha! Ivvalho direct-a laam romba over! :))

Ranjani said...

sooper comedy, ipadiyum irukangala? never come across such situations though

Anusha Srinivasaraghavan said...

awesome.. i never knew people pestered in such a way!!i have to be careful being the next one in line for marriage !! :P

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

@Ramku Towtally wover!

@Ranj - you will honey..sheekrame ippadi oru maami oda meeting prApthirasthu :D

@Anu - Best Wishes :D

Archana Achuthan said...

Oops looks like i hav 2 b careful abt such ppl 2!! :) As am nxt in line in my family 4 dum-dum-dum :)

Aditya said...


ur acronym is like some DOOM-BHOOM deepavali dhamaka!!.

Nandini Vishwanath said...

JP Nagar! That is close home!