Friday, January 9, 2009

2008..The year that it was

Life has certainly changed in 2008. I would like to list some major events that the year saw

-Grandpa's death. A loss that cannot be measured or expressed in words.
-Formed Family google group and we are closer to one another than ever before and i am more than thankful for technology.
-Found two amazing music guru's SK and Viji.
-an online musical family that i found Bala Anna, SK, Sai, Maythini,PK. These are a bunch of people i am ever greatful to and they have an important place in my daily prayers.
-Special mention to Sampath nAnA and family :) Found a whole lot of friends, brothers and sisters through him!
-Found that my interest in Carnatic music grew by leaps and bounds.
-"Groom-hunt-for-Vasu" Project finally got its end-date :-)
-I found my Prince-Charming. He came, He saw and He conquered my heart ...and my soul.
-As always, expectedly the most unexpected happens with me , and i ended up getting married (and very happily so mind you :D)
-Found that i could hide the-fact-that-i-am-terriblly-homesick with a smile :)
-My adventures in the Kitchen will be published very soon as a book. Please buy it. :)

I dont quite have a new-year-resolution list. I have grown-up and realized there is *no* point in making them and breaking them every year. So i just intend to

-Learn driving
-Learn cooking (without burning the kitchen or myself down)
-Continue music lessons (learn loads of Dikshitar Krithis)
-Learn Tiruppavai
-Visit Ahobilam
-Shed Weight
-Do a little bit of Yoga.
-Learn to keep quiet in moments of anger and not react on the spur of the moment without thoughts of aftermath.

I think and i hope this a do-able list.

You enjoy yourself, Live to the fullest everyday and remember to reduce the waste of plastic, paper and petrol. Also remember to save power and water for the future generation.

Chase all the blues, Live Green and be Pink with health: D

Hope you have a Colorful and a musical Year ahead.

I wish you all a very happy and a healthy 2009.

Love,Luck and Prayers,



Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

:D @ the signoff

Archana Achuthan said...

Lovely post vasu!!! :D

Sandhya Biswas said...

Haaah! Back blogging.. as Mrs.Choo that too :D