Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Emosanal Atyachaar

A co-worker today casually remarked, "I sent my husband to office, sent my kid to school and just sat down on the sofa and cried.There was no reason. Everything was fine. It was a normal morning. The daughter behaved well. The husband was normal. Everything was just..normal. But I cried. And I cried a lot. As if the world's burden were on my frail slim shoulders. I can't understand this. I am so depressed."

It struck me quite strange. But I have to admit this has happened to me as well. I have cried in the past with no reason.

And felt a lot better later.

The emotions I sometimes have to deal with are so sine wave-ish. What is it with me? Is it because of being 'newly-married' (a term i have come to detest. Its been a full year man. Nothing is new now.) , is it to do with work pressure ? Is it the complexity of relationships around me? Or is it just because I am a woman and women generally lead lives with so much of emotional mess?

Most often I don't even understand them. Some days on a total high. Some days on a total rock bottom low. Some just mediocre. Normal. If I had to plot a graph of the past year, I am sure no scientist would make any sense of them. Too many highs, quite a few lows as well.

Am tired of the crazy happazard sine wave. It is High time now. I need to have a balanced life.

Bring it on , Dear Life. Let me see if I can plot a better graph next year.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winds of Nilgiris..Part 2?!

I asked my readers for help to end this one. Some dear friends came online to chat with me on this , another friend left a comment. Their feeling was unanimous. I was NOT to make the end a tragic one. I think, i will just leave the story as is and not write an end for it.

So, my dear lovely lovely readers, there will be no part-2. Thanks a lot for your appreciation and encouragement.

There are only three options. I will let you choose :-)

Maybe one died and the other lived on with the memory of his parnter.

Maybe both died and it was the end of their picture perfect life..

Maybe both survived the scars of the Nilgiris and lived happily ever after...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winds of Nilgiris

It was some kind of a private joke between them. Sajan had just gestured toward someone on the road passing-by and winked at Anjali. She hit him laughingly on the shoulder as she fastened her seat belt. Climate had suddenly changed. From sunny and sultry to chilly and rainy. Being a long weekend, they decided to set of to the picturesque Nilgiris by car. They loaded their car with their favorite music, charged up the SLR , threw in a couple of pairs of clothes and set off.

Both being in the Advertising field, had met during one of their project assignments, instantly got attracted to one another. Over a whirlwind of romance, they figured they were made for one another.Both were of fond of adventure sports, jazz music, dance and their ofcourse their profession as well. They made a stunning looking couple. Sajan, tall, fair , brown eyed athletic and with a deep soothing voice. And Anjali dimpled, frail and khol eyed beauty. Friends envied them. Relatives spoke about them constantly. They were the center of attraction wherever they went and made heads turn.

They had traveled quite a bit covering the Himalayan ranges, Tibet , beaches of Goa and temples of Hampi. Anjali had long been wanting to travel to Nilgiris and when they got the long weekend, they decided to set off. Laughing and singing their favorite songs, they started their climb. He suddenly stopped singing and concentrated on the road , his vision was getting blurred because of dense fog. There was zero visibility. It started raining. A slight drizzle at first. Then started to pour. She got scared and asked him to pull over, but he refused, since he wanted to reach the hotel before the weather got worse. Not knowing, that there was one unfortunate hair-pin bend, which would ruin their picture-perfect life. He turned left. But, There was no road on the left. There was a ditch. The car hit a stone and went down the slope.

There was a scream. Then there was silence.

To Be continued...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

smile..a moment that lasted a lifetime

Slowly, she pulled away her hands from his,
Turned around and started walking away.
Those moments stretched on like eons for him,
As he watched her walk. Silently pleading,
For her to turn back once. To run back into his arms,
He looked on. Willing her to turn back,
All the time praying for her to be given back to him

She walked. Slowly, holding her head high,
Not letting him see the tears that fell like rain,
This is best for him. She kept telling herself.
And she walked, The toughest walk of her life.
The moments spent together flashed across,
The pain tore through her heart, Instinctively, she turned,
Eyes met, and they smiled, through their tears.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Agam..the band.

Has been very long since I heard good quality non-carnatic music. When I did, I got goosed, I had tears and felt a rush of overwhelming emotions. So moved by the sheer honesty in the lyrics , the plea in the voice of the singer, and the love with which the instrumentalists have played their parts.

This is what I heard. I heard a band called Agam. A piece called "Searching for heavens".

Bilakhte bachpanomein jaaga de zindagi,
tarsti khwahishon ka tu saahil dhoond la.

Woh khoyi jannaton ka pata phir dhoond la.

For every word written, one can say "bhale,sabaash" and get lost in the world of Agam.

"Searching for heavens". After listening to it, I wish to ask the guys, Why search? Its in your music! There is just so much more I wish to write, but how can mere words do justice to this kind of talent and honesty?

Check out more about them here

Wish all of you good health,luck,peace and many more years of good quality music!

Friday, November 20, 2009

am learning..

Walked, Ran, Fell, Failed.
Got up,Ran again, this time won.

Lessons. Its all about learning lessons.
Learning along the way.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Joy that lasts a moment

You sleep. Blissfully unaware of the tears,
that well in my eyes,watching you so sound asleep.
Wondering what you are dreaming about right now,
In and out, in and out, I observe that breath,
and come closer to see those lines on your forehead,
Forming a slight frown as light falls on your eyes,
and I see your forehead relax as I block the light from you.

I can spend a day staring at that fine-looking face,
At a spur of the moment,reality hits hard.
Suddenly, I know, I cannot stare anymore.
I have to set an alarm for the next morning,
to welcome a hustle-bustle filled day ahead of us,
where I cannot even look at you to my heart's content, the moment.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MLTR...Maiden Learns To dRive...

I hate traffic, crowds, honking and smoke. Everything about driving drove me nuts.

I was very scared to cycle. Then I was scared of the scooty, and then I was terrified of the car. Daddy forced me and took me to a driving school. Did 16 out of the 20 classes and my 'teacher' vanished.

Dad would allow me to drive on the highway with loads of fear. I did not even know how to reverse and all, back then. Then...I got married. The husband started asking me, "So, are you planning to drive the car?” Voice in the head said, "Never". But, being the new bride and all, I did what all newly weds do....

I nodded my head.

What did you think?

Went to the driving school again. This time did all 20 classes (with great difficulty after being pushed and pressurized like hell). The instructor would weep with agony everytime I put the car into a pothole. He would say,” Madam, pothole around hogabeku, not into.". He would say, "Left indicator haaki" and yours truly would promptly put the Right indicator. After overcoming these minor issues, went to the RTO office to get the Learners License. The scary looking inspector asked me to show hand signals for Left and right and it was done. He also asked a very important question. What should you do if you have to overtake another vehicle?

Please do not ask me what I answered.

I do not remember.

Then came the actual lessons. With loads of fear, I would drive around the city. I wonder, maybe the people outside could hear my heartbeat or what. People would sometimes honk like mad at me. Some would yell. Some would roll their eyes and pass by. I would cut people badly and get yelled at. Or I would get mad at someone on the road and swear. The husband put up patiently with all this drama. Sometimes, explaining what I did wrong. Sometimes nearly shouting on top of his voice to get my attention when i was busy frowning at someone on the road.

Then came the D-Day, when the DL had to be done. Finished the two-wheeler round and another big-burly inspector asked me to drive. I started the car.
"Left-Left-Left-Left" he said. Moved the car a little. He said. "Stop. Left Reverse.”. I did that. Then he said, "Ok, move maadi". Asked me my name and where I was from. He said,” Very nice name ma" and signed. Went back to the Office, took a pic, and My DL was Done!!!!! Done Danaa don don!

Balaji, took half-day off for this circus. Pushed me all the way though to attend classes. Get LL done, Get DL done. Patiently sit through while I drove around in 2nd gear where I could have zoomed on 4th.

You know what I did today? I drove from JP Nagar to CV Raman Nagar. Dropped Balaji mid-way @ his office, took the car and went to CVR. In the evening picked him up from his office and drove back all the way home.

It is sometimes nice to be married. To have someone push you constantly to try doing something that you have never done before and are scared to even attempt.

The guy will get his reward. His wife will drop him to office and pick him up with the DL proudly tucked in a safe corner of her wallet!

That is one of the Bucket List items ticked :-)

Friday, November 6, 2009

De cluttering....Life!

The minute I utter the word, 'De clutter', the first thought is that of a spic and span house, spic and span cupboard and so on. Ever thought of all the clutter on your Desktop/Laptop ?

We all have E-Mail Ids and most of us have multiple E Mail accounts. Ever thought of the clutter there? It is very important to de clutter E-Mails. Have separate folders for important projects. Create Rules for E Mails from Admin/HR/Payroll/Policies for official mailbox and have Lables like Family/Friends/Extended-Family/Guitar-Notes/Imp-Links and so on.

If you have subscribed to a group, and the settings for that Group have been set as "E Mail each time there is an update", then your mailbox gets absolutely flooded. This can be solved by setting the Group settings to "Send me Abridged Mails". So that you get the updates once a day, and you can chose which thread to read. The mailbox looked clearer and you save time reading the ones that you are interested in.

Also, it makes sense to create a separate account, just for groups that you subscribe to, so that you don't lose out on personal mails. I learnt these simple lessons , when I almost lost an important mail from a dear friend. I was about to delete it thinking it was spam, since it was buried under some music related group e-mails.

We amass enough and more information in the form of files. Ever logged into your computer and thought, "My God! i cant see my desktop background". I know some people who have some 50 files on the desktop. Also, it is a good idea to organize everything inside a drive, with meaningful names to folders. It helps to search and find stuff faster.

De cluttering is a great stress-buster and you are left with a very good feeling of satisfaction after having..done it!

I am beginning start living a decluttered life. Are you?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maiden Campaign Ride

It all begins in the mind. If you have the mental strength, you can achieve anything. I have always thought of myself as mentally and physically unfit for activities like running, cycling, trekking etc. I was happy, writing and clicking pictures and leading a sedentary life instead. My better half is an aspiring runner. He tried to inspire me to run. With great difficulty, I started doing 2kms on the treadmill. We then bought a cycle and I slowly started with 3Kms. Went on to 4, and then went on to 6 and then 8. I thought that is it. I have set my benchmark. Beyond this, is not possible. Today, at the Go Green Campaign Ride, I startled myself by doing 23Kms.

We all assembled near the Apple iStore JP Nagar at 6.30AM. Started towards Lalbagh and then to JC road and finally Cubbon park. At the start of the ride, there was an uphill @ jayannagar. I was exhausted. I was the last one to tag along and the others were way up ahead. Mr.Rao, caught up with me, and asked if I wanted to take a U-Turn and get back. I said, "No" and kept going. Each time I would slow down, he would catch up and say a few words of encouragement. He shot pictures, took videos and generally kept up the mood of the group. When we reached Cubbon Park, he gave me a huge smile and a thumbs-up saying, "That is it. You have done it.” It made the sweat in my brows worth its while.

Life's most profound philosophies will probably realized during an uphill. An uphill is Life's challenges. We struggle and fight with them. We cross them and Zoom off.

I met quite a few guys from the GGI group and the conversations around were very interesting. Ranging from cycles to Amitabh Bacchan :). A certain "Aiswarya" will know what I am talking about.

The return route was similar with enough ups, to kill me. Mr.Rao again cycled along and was talking constantly. I never realized how I finished climbing one mini-hill! With limbs aching, i reached home to an exuberant husband who was proud, that I managed to complete the ride. (He is the one who knows how terrible i am with my stamina levels). All said and done, I haven't had this much fun in ages. I intend to ride again wearing the Go Green T-Shirts, which is soon turning into a cult, and I must admit, I feel a sense of pride wearing it.

I have often heard Balaji say, "Pain is temporary, Pride is permanent". I would hear that, nod my head and move on. But, I know today, what it truly means.

Today's ride map on Nokia Sports Tracker.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gooooooooo Cycle!

Cycle. That very word brings in a memory of my mom holding the cycle and running behind me all over the apartment complex that we used to live in Baroda. After three days, when i learnt balancing, i started cycling with friends in the colony in the evenings and then from then on, it became an obsession. I just would keep cycling all over the place.

Slowly as years passed, i needed an upgrade and moved to a cycle with motor. I mean my Scooty ;)

Then that obsession also wore off. I started traveling to office by office transport and then that was the end of all cycling/driving.

Till recently, i started observing loads of people on the road with very nice looking cycles. I was tempted to ask the husband, but refrained, lest he thought i was crazy. Then one fine day, he asked if we can buy a cycle. I was a little apprehensive, since it had been years since i even touched one!

Then we took a few test rides , spoke to a few experts, read opinions and reviews on bike Discussion Forums. We went to buy a used cycle through an Ad.Unfortunately, the frame did not fit me. But the owner was kind enough to give us a few tips and gave us a contact. He also asked us to visit the Firefox showroom. Which we did. And after talking to the showroom guy and also the kind friend, we decided on a Firefox Cosmic.

I rode it around , finding it enormously uncomfortable. Saddle was real hard. Handlebar was very low, saddle very high. Helmet loose and so on. I rode back home in my brand new cycle in the pouring rain.First ride was a damp squib...literally so! Half way, i gave up, and asked the poor husband to ride it and i drove home the car.I looked at the husband after we reached home and he says, "you rode the cycle well. You did a decent job with the car too.". Ok. That was some optimism.

Second try was with the saddle a little low. Better ride but, with a bad back ache, and an elbow pain.

We were clueless. Balaji kept telling me, there is an entire family that stays close to us, and i have seen them wearing "Go Green" T-Shirts. Lets see if we can contact them . We searched and got their contact. He invited us over and we got to meet the Rao Family. Mr.Rao, who is the founder of the Go Green Campaign in Bangalore , is an amazing gentleman and was so very helpful.Apparently, Go Green is a community now, with around 200 guys who cycle for a purpose! We told him our issues and he instantly recognized the issue, and just raised the handle bar a little bit. Now the bike fits me like a dream. For the last three days, i am regularly doing about 4.5kms.

Why should you cycle?
-Why Not ?
-Saves money on fuel.
-You are not confined to 4 walls of the gym.
-Fresh wind blows on your face in the morning.
-Get to see the sunrise :-)
-Shed those excess kilos :D
-End up with well shaped Legs ;)
-It is the latest style statement.

Few Observations/Tips for cycling:
-Never cycle on a completely empty stomach.
-Never cycle on a full stomach.
-Always stretch after cycling.
-If the saddle is hurting, shift on various positions , till you find the right one.
-Don't give up on a UP road.There is plain terrain further ahead.
-Have control while zooming on the DOWN.
-Never lock your elbows. Keep them slightly bent away from the body.
-Bikes and Cars have NO respect for you. They cut you badly and scare the hell out of you. Beware of them.
-If you see fellow cyclist, show a thumbs up. It boosts morale , cheers you and helps enormously.
-ALWAYS wear your helmet. No matter what.

Do you live in South Bangalore and are looking for a cyclist group? Join

Go Green. Cycle. Sing on top of your voice.Get Fit. Just have Fun.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Navrathri Golu

"Vasu,Lets keep Golu at home for navrathiri..Lets start a tradition", said an excited husband. I told him it will involve loads and loads of back-end work. Just keeping a Golu (Dolls) is not enough. He said, i will help. And he has indeed been a big help. We have not had this many guests in ages. I met loads of people important to our family, made variety of sundal and spent an enormous amount of time in the Kitchen. Tiring, but fun nonetheless

Navarathri - Golu

Though small and compact, i think our golu is a very cute one. Here is a picture. (I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Carnatic music Trinities sitting and looking so cute :D)

Friday, September 4, 2009

The 'S' Factor

Sridharan, Vasumathi:Thanks for the youtube link. I am still in love with tunbam nErgayiL
Shamasundar, Bharathan R: me too. 'Sanjay Splendid Smooth Subrahmanyan '
Sridharan, Vasumathi : :)
Shamasundar, Bharathan R: adding an additional 'S'
Sridharan, Vasumathi: Sanjay Splendid Smooth Super Subrahmanyan
your turn now
Shamasundar, Bharathan R: I can't beat you in a word game
let me think
Sridharan, Vasumathi::) no you can . my vocab sucks
Shamasundar, Bharathan R: Sanjay Splendid Super Smooth Sensational Subrahmanyan
Sridharan, Vasumathi:Sanjay Splendid Super Smooth Sensational Sweet Subrahmanyan
pls dont add Sugar now
Shamasundar, Bharathan R: lol
sugar syrup
thats a good combo
Sridharan, Vasumathi:yes

Shamasundar, Bharathan R: "Sanjay Splendid Super Smooth Sensationally Sweet Sugar Syrup Subrahmanyan "
that is final
Sridharan, Vasumathi:
Shamasundar, Bharathan R:
no more tweaks
Sridharan, Vasumathi:
i cant beat that
we can send this convo to him via mail
Shamasundar, Bharathan R:
Sridharan, Vasumathi: he is an active blogger. so we can get his mail id
Shamasundar, Bharathan R: can you do it?
Sridharan, Vasumathi: :O :O
ayyo ayyo. i was joking
Shamasundar, Bharathan R:
I was serious
you could post this to your blog
if you pls
Sridharan, Vasumathi: really !!!
ok.. thats a thought..

And..thats how this post was born :) :) :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Journey..and the faces

Traveling by the local BMTC blue buses is one experience.But, traveling by the Elite AC Volvo buses is another altogether. The bustle for a seat, tension to get into the right bus,remembering bus timings, extracting change from the conductor,are all still a part of the game.

I have been traveling by the volvo for the past couple of months. I notice a deafening silence. The chill of the AC and also the chill of glances that people cautiously dart at one another. Trying to notice the office badge to figure which company you work with.Then pull out the ear phones of iPod/Walkman phones from the laptop bag,and enjoy the music with a poker face without even tapping the fingers to the beat.The bus and its surround completely ignored.Some sleep. Some read books. Some read newspapers. Some just sit and stare....into space or into the faces that sit facing them.

But what startled me was, people don't give up their seats even to pregnant women and old ladies. It is impossible to stand in a Volvo and travel.It is equivalent to standing in a helicopter.

I just wish, the elite snobbish crowd, will become slightly more...warm and humane. It is Ok, to smile at people sitting next to you. Really.*sigh*

I never thought i'd say this, but.. i miss my lively fun office cab days, teasing one another, chattering about movies,music and food.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ganpati Bappa Moriya Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar yaa

Money Spent.

Pandals Put up.

Roads blocked.

Huge colorful painted idols of Ganesha


Noisy Drumming.

Drunken dancing.

Traffic Jams.

Water bodies polluted.



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

of the little said words

As a kid, i used to love saying "Thank You so much", just because that word sounded so nice to my own ears. I suddenly realized with a start, that i have reduced the use of this word so much. It is generally observed, in relationships, That the 'Thank you' suddenly stops. The 'Sorry' abruptly gets reduced. Sadly, The number of 'I love you's also diminish.Wrong? Right? Acceptable? I know not.

To be fair to the person, we may justify saying, "When hearts and minds are intertwined,Are words even necessary?" But, they are. They very much are. They are not just words. They are words that run deep and touch you most , when expressed sincerely.They always make a difference. The best way to feel the lack of these words best, is imagining your world without them.

Imagine, if you keep doing your housekeeping, keep taking of bills, keep driving your better half to work daily, keep working, without a single word of appreciation or acknowledgment, how would you feel?

So, If you are thinking, i am preaching, you are thinking wrong. I am confessing. I often forget to thank the ones i should. I often forget to say the most important words. I don't remember when was the last time i said, 'i love you mommy/poppy' :-( Maybe 3-4 weeks back. That's an awfully long time back.I don't remember when was the last time i thanked my better half for being the dream he is. I don't remember when was the last time i felt nice and happy just saying the words.

This is more as a reminder to self to just 'say' it more often.

Sorry, this post took so long to come. Thanks for reading....and I love you. I really do.

Friday, August 14, 2009

a serious threat

if you are not going to call me and talk to me.. I will. . . . . Nothing. Not do anything. Just crib sulk and be sad that my own friends have disowned me. Thats all. Yours #sad #friend

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The 100 and the cleaning marathon

I have hemmed and hawed enough. This is officially my 100th post since April 2007. I have made friends through this blog. More than that, I have figured out, that i can write. I can express and touch people's hearts. This post is dedicated to those of you, to whom, i have managed to make a wee little bit of difference. This is also dedicated to my family *sniff* and *sniff* to GOD above. *Holds her award, mike and frock and takes a bow at the same time praying she does not drop any of the above*

So, first of all, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank you for gracing this occasion of you reading my 100th blog post. (How many more times are you going to mention this? Eh? Read on please.) I would also like to thank you for your patience for waiting for so long for me to finish this post :)

So, each time, my mom would say, "Ok kids, time to clean the house", my sister and me, armed with a bucket of soap water, dusters and face masks would spring clean our home.We would do it like, twice a month.Say, two weekdays. But , But, But, (not the body part) When you are managing all alone, it has to be a daily process. Else, like they say, You are in a lot of mess.Literally.

Housekeeping is like this While(1) kind of a infinite loop. My better half and me are both quite decently organized people. Both our cupboards are organized, i keep my house quite dust free. I hate newspapers lying around randomly and so on. But this week , for the first time in 8 months was an exception.Two continuous weekends we were not at home. Hence the mess just piled up.
I simply HAD to say this to explain to my readers you know.(Haioo, what scene, as if i am some big author and i have 10,000 junta reading this. huh.i can be a little extreme you know sometimes.)

I had quite an upsetting day today actually and that prompted me to .....rant and yell (read blog). So, What else did you think? Moving on, Instead of sitting and sulking and watching TV serials / concert recordings on Youtube (yes, i do that to de-stress, do you mind?), i decided to channelize my energy constructively. I looked around and realized my house is a mess. There were clothes imploring me to fold them. My corner table had cosmetics littered around (I saw the adidas perfume bottle and kajal tell me, "i make you smell heavenly and look pretty, i have fallen and gotten hurt, can you please help me get up?"). The books and CDs were not in the shelf. There were papers/bills lying around. So, i started cleaning up. Inch by inch. Table after table. Shirt after T-shirt and lo and be-hold. After 1.5 hours, my house was sparkling clean. Papers in place.Books in place. De-Cluttered rooms. Clean Kitchen. Aaahhh. Felt so good. Kept my mind off whatever i was worrying about too.
In fact, mood just miraculously changed!

So, what i am trying to tell you here is that, if there is anything upsetting you or you are hurt about something, channelize it in a way, that is useful for you and other people around you.

Happy Cleaning and de-cluttering.

Hope you enjoyed reading my 100th post.(Just in case you forgot)
Mind-Voice :Oh, grow up, its not like you made a million bucks.Its just a silly post, you rosy posy dodo :D :D

Cheers on the 100 :D :D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To Utths, with all my love

Dear Readers,
This post is not a rant, nor is it to increase my post count. Today is my dearest sister's 5th Death Anniversary.I wanted to write to her. Shout and Yell. That is all. Feel free to skip this post.I won't mind.

You went. Just like that. Without saying Goodbye. Without giving me that final hug and a peck on my cheek. Without turning back even once. "Kozhandaiya paathukko", were your final words to me. It rings in my ears even today. I looked at you through the grills of the elevator for the last time as you stood at the door with a blank look.It has been 5 years. That you moved on after having left every one of us in despair,misery and tears that don't stop at your thought.

I pray for V, every time i fold my hands in prayer to GOD up above. I pretend that you are living somewhere far away and i cannot meet you right now. It eases the pain for a while. But it does not erase it. I cannot stop my tears which drop every time i pass by that road where you lived. That road where we walked. That restaurant where we went for dinner.I cannot bear that pain at all at those times.

Are you with us? Can you see us go on with life? Do you see us when we silently weep for you? Do you see us when we smile and laugh at jokes and be happy? Are you safe where ever you are? Can i please hold you for one last time? If you say yes, i will hide you where Gods cannot find you and never give you up.Ever.I just wish, i could see you again.Hear that laughter again. See those eyes gleaming with mischief.Hear those absolutely witty and wacky one-liner comments of yours, that would have me rolling on the floor laughing.I miss you and i will miss you till the last day of my life.Diwali can never really be the same without you.Every occasion, every festival will be incomplete without you.Tell me, how do i react when peripa calls out to me and says, "Appdi illa Utthu" and suddenly realises that is it me and not you that he is talking to.

I cannot bear the thought, Utths, that you are gone, and I am alive.It has taken 5 years, and not sunk in completely.I suppose, it never will sink in.I will keep you alive in my heart for as long as i live.I still cannot cannot bear the thought, Utths, that you are gone and i am alive.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hungry Kya?

B and me are home alone :-( . We have been driving together to and from office for the past 2 odd months. We get terribly hungry in the evenings. So much that, we end up discussing food. Move on to fitness/driving/our trip plans/ generally discuss the day and come back to food. And at times like these, (which is very often) we just stop at any random restaurant and just eat whatever is served :-(

We are trying various cuisines these days and the below are our views on two of them.

Gud Dhani:
This is a Rajasthani restaurant that i spotted while B was driving one day and remembered "Apni Dhani", a restaurant that we had been to when we were in Jaisalmer last December. We just randomly stopped by, and i was blown away by the ambiance. Its very very Desi and the walls are painted in the Jaipuri Pink, with very interesting paintings. We had a simple Roti and Dal Bhaati and Kadi. Kadi was too good. We then also had a small cup if Kheer. I have had better kheer, but this was Ok.Food was non-garlicky, non-oily, simple and tasty. Service was good.We liked.

How to get here?
This place is best approached from the Udupi Garden road. Continue straight on this road in the direction *away* from the Advaith petrol pump. Keep going straight until you reach the road that runs adjacent to the Madivala lake. Just at the junction of this road on the right side you will find this place.

Heavy on the wallet? Rs.150/- for two. So, you decide.

This is, as the name suggests, a Bengali restaurant. We had Onion paratha, tandori roti and a garlic nan (my bad. It was and waaaay too garlicky for me). We had Channar Dalna, an aalu sabzi with panner and cashew gravy. A little too sweet.
So, that left us with NO place for the mishthi Dohi :-( The ambiance was lovely. Lots of bright colors, soft Bengali songs in the background. This place also had a room where one could host parties. This is nicely done up with musical instruments. It had a tambura, a few tablas, a sitar too. (none were tuned :-() . We did not like it too much though. Sounds like a good idea to go during lunch hours. They have a buffet which is Rs.199/- + taxes and that had a decent menu. Service was decent.

How to get here? #965, 4th Cross Koramangala, Bangalore -99

Heavy on the wallet? Rs.300/- for two. I decide for you. YES. It is expensive.

Do yourselves a favor. Next time you are in and around BTM, do not miss out Gud Dhani :D

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello...Yes?Who is this?

My love for radio, tape recorder and Walkman started early. AS early as 8 years of age.I'd place the radio close to my ears and fall asleep listening to Vividbharathi's Aap ki Farmaish (and next morning listening to mum scold me , since the battery would get drained by not switching off the radio). Even now, sometimes, when i have trouble sleeping, i switch On my Walkman. Not just a plain Walkman. The Walkman "phone".

I read reviews, Waited for one such phone to release. I "wanted" it so badly (not realizing that i did not "need" it). Saved my salary and bought my prized possession. My Sony Erricson W910i. And one (not-so) fine evening,i end up dropping the phone somewhere...

I lost it. (yes, it still hurts on and off)

It is almost like losing a friend who has been with you for years.My friends know, my phone is used,over-used, over over-used to the extent of being abused by me. I had no intention of changing the phone for the next 2 years! I was so attached and so much in love with it..Losing something dear to your heart can pain you immeasurably.Lost all contacts, messages (that i had saved up, without deleting a single one) and my precious music class recordings, session recordings and songs.

But then, I thought. We have become so addicted to technology and its advances, that even imagining life without it, is scary. I lived without a phone for 2 days. After i got over my grief and accepted the fact that i have lost it, life became easier.I even told B, that i don't need a new phone. I can make do with a spare one. I even felt ashamed of being so attached to an object. (Thats what it is, after all). I always thought, if i ever lost my phone, i would be dead. But, strangely, very strangely, i am still alive. And kicking!

PS1: BSNL were kind enough to give me another SIM with the same number. So, if you ever want to talk, please do call me (and tell me who you are. Remember, i don't have your number anymore) :D

PS2: I am now in love with a new phone. Will let you know after i save up enough money and buy it :D :D

PS3: Talk to me! *Please Please Pretty Please*

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To buddies, With Love..

My anchor when my boat flutters in the waves,
My sunshine on a morose cloudy day,
My smiles though my tears,
My brightest twinkling star on a starry night.

My Extended-family labeled e-mails when i feel the world has forgotten me,
My Gtalk Colon D's during Office hours,
A sudden phone call just to hear my voice,
A sudden hug, when i want to run away and hide under the bed.

A word of encouragement when depressed,
A kind word when my heart is sad,
A harsh one, when i need to hear it,
My strongest support system...
How else do i thank you,
Other than just to say a big....

I don't get too many chances to thank my friends.This poem is for every friend of mine. My friends, Who are all my family. My world is just so terribly incomplete without them. Thank you for being there in every sense. I owe each one of you a lot. You do mean so much to me and i want you all to know that you are in my prayers and in my heart. I might not call you as often as i used to. I might not write to you as often as i wish i could. Does *NOT* mean i have forgotten you. *sniff*. OK, no more drama. I seriously intended to thank you. I do not wish to digress, so,
*imagine me bowing low* Domo Arigato Gozaimasu .

PS : PK, Thanks for the idea behind this post

Monday, June 22, 2009

When you feel...from within.

She: You never understand my feelings

He: I know how you must have felt.

She: I feel for you from the bottom of my heart.

He: You are so far away from me, yet i feel your warmth on my shoulders.

Feelings. Especially Love. It is all in the heart. Read that again. Its all in the heart. Not in the mind or elsewhere in the body. When two people are deep in love, its all about the way you feel for the person, it is about the way you are made to feel. That tingling sensation within. That stupid grin plastered on your face. That song. That color. That movie. That look. That dimple. That voice. That cafe. That book. That dream. That day.

And when someone you love dearly goes away from you, the pain is also felt. So many of us go through heartbreaks. Each of us has a way of dealing with it too. It hurts. It Hurts so bad that sometimes, it is just like physical pain. And felt so sharp .Tears don't stop. People go through weight loss, loose sleep, get into bad habits and what not. Almost everyone I meet has gone through a rough phase. So rare it is, that people marry their childhood sweethearts and live together happily for a lifetime with the one they have loved ever since they can remember..I envy very few people in this world. This set of people is one that i strongly envy :-)

Apparently, during rough phases, people go through a four phase cycle. Denial-Anger-Depression-Acceptance. I am not saying, just accept things as your fate and move on. I am saying , if there is someone you love, dearly, with all your heart and soul, find out if that person feels the same way about you. And if the answer is YES, then fight for the person. Move heaven and earth and get the person. It will all be worth the effort in the end. Its OK, to fight and loose. But its definitely not OK, to just give up and say, NO, this is not working and later lament and say , "I wish....".

If you have decided that all is over, then well, its time to Move on. And *moving on* is yet another story!

Good Luck and may the GOD up above bless you!

PS: I wrote this for a select set of close friends. I pray to GOD, they get the hint and work things out...for their own sake.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The half-yearly assesment is here..

Ha! So, what keeping me busy these days, you ask? I shall kindly oblige all of you and let you in on the secret.

....just don't tell anyone ok?

So, Mrs.Vasumathi.Balaji-Sridharan,
-has become an early riser.
-sleeps early and peacefully after struggling to sleep for just a few minutes instead of spending hours by counting the number of times the fan rotates.
-has resumed reading books (B deserves a special mention, since i have been reading his collection which is pretty decent. I have read up Sudha Murthy's 4 books. Of which i loved Mahaswetha.I also read Opal Mehta and loved it to bits.Finished Go Kiss the World by Subrato Bagchi and enjoyed it.Read a few Fiction here and there and liked them).
- is starting to enjoy some good English comedy films and liked 'My Cousin Vinnie'. Still rolling on the ground and laughing after watching it :D
- is in-charge of the kitchen (almost completely on her own).
- has learnt to wear a sari (almost by herself)
- Does not eat chocolates,ice-creams or potato chips. AT ALL.. (well..almost)
- Dresses up
- Wears lipstick (and eats it up after a while, just like old times)
- Drives on Bangalore roads
- Has stopped making new friends.
- Has stopped being in touch with her old ones.
- Has stopped buzzing her friends , just like that to say Hi.
- Is focused at work
- Is much organized than before and makes lists and crosses them off.
- Has lost weight (and how!) and is very very pretty now.
- Has signed up for Yoga classes.
- Is trying her (hand)legs at running.
- Has stopped writing poetry and feels bad about it.
- Smiles more and gets stressed less.
- Thinks for one second and then opens her mouth to answer. (recent most development)
- Argues lesser by the day.
- Is not seen much in pink
- Is not seen jumping up and down like a kid getting excited about a pink water bottle.
- Still hates hanging up wet clothes in the clothes line :-(
- Stopped signing/listening to music for no particular reason.
- Eats fruits like banana and papaya (eeeeeeeks), which she earlier thought were only for face-packs.
- Eats sprouts almost daily and almost given up on her craving for junk food. (This is just partially true.Hope to make it completely true by this year end)
- And..finally, is awesomely awesomely proud of her husband for completing the World Open 10Km Run in just 57 mins.Goooooooooooo Bee!! >:D<

Goals/Plans for the next 6 months:-
#Relationships = Communicate clearly + solve that day's probs that day + learn to cook + be more open + sulk and crib less , coz it does NOT make life easier
#Fitness = Yoga + 5Km run in dec
#Health = Eat on time and healthy
#Work = Focus + SQL Server 2008 cert + Proj + Extra activities + organised + waste less time.
#Music = 2 Varnams + 1 Tillana + 2 Dikshitar Krithis + 2 Purandara daasar Krithis + 2 Tyagaraja Krithis + Do atleast 15 Paasurams
#Spiritual Activity = Take up and Finish one temple proj + learn more about Ramanuja's school of thought
#Travel = Coorg + Mangalore
#Day-to-day = WAKE UP EARLY + drink more water + Smile more + Talk less
#Creative = Write more and write sense + think up an idea for a book maybe.

Lets see how far i get. Wish you and me loads of luck :-)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My friend, How do I make you SMILE?

In the course of the journey of my short life, i have earned lot of friends. A LOT. And almost on a daily basis, i have my friends who come to me and vent out all their woes. Almost on a daily basis, my friends ping me about relationship issues either with parents or friends or fiances or the most dreaded of the lot 'in-laws'.The agony-aunt who is hiding within me surfaces at such times.I take enormous pride on being a support system for my friends. For standing by them and supporting them in times of their need gives me immense satisfaction. At times like these,i feel the purpose of being born, the purpose of my existence has a meaning. Giving them a patient hearing, giving them my empathy and maybe give them some positive energy and some positive hopeful words.Sometimes just a hug.A pat. A reassuring squeeze of the hand. These really do work wonders!

Sometimes, sitting in solitude, when i think of them,I get depressed, and even cry for them who are sad and are leading difficult lives. Then i realized, being too empathetic, i had started drawing parallels with my life. I started imagining these problems with myself and made my own life a mess. It took time to realize what a blunder it was! It took time, to realize that all of us are different from one another and all of us have a 'different' set of problems.With time i have made my peace with the fact that i cannot change things for people who are close to my heart. I cannot take away their pain from them. All i can do is give them a patient hearing. Give a pep talk and make them feel a little better. Remind them that there are people worse than them. Give them hope for a better tomorrow. Motivate them to change and BE the change they are looking for.I feel, more than this, i really cannot do more!

But...I wish, Oh how i wish i can change things and make all my friends a happy and a smiling bunch of people!

I am beginning to believe that, whatever happens in life, happens for good. There is a supreme being.He has a plan for each one of us. All we need to do, is to keep faith. Whatever problems we have today, either they will reduce in size or be gone forever tomorrow.Quoting my all-time favorite quote, "For tomorrow is yet another day"-Gone With the Wind-Margrett Mitchele.

Here's to all of you sitting in various parts of the world, reading this, I sincerely, from the bottom most tip of my heart , Wish you a happy, healthy and a wonderful wonderful life.

Monday, May 18, 2009

For tomorrow..may be too late

Express, for tomorrow may be too late.
Dance in the rain, for it may stop.
Watch that movie today, it might go off theaters tomorrow.
Smell that coffee, coffee seeds might stop sprouting.

Go on that boat ride today,all the water may evaporate later.
Make up silly fights today, else the person may be gone...
Work today, else the projects might be gone.
Study today, school life does not last forever.

Sing aloud today, throat may be sore tomorrow.
Get that pretty pink dress today,else it might go off stores.
Pray today, God might get too busy for you tomorrow
Sleep today to dream, for then, the night might become too still.

I don't know what has come over me. Since yesterday, I am starting to live moments of life like there is no tomorrow. And it feels so refreshingly good. Someone once said to me, "Live the moment" and it is one of the most profound of all the advice that i have ever received.Hope the good trend continues and i don't slip back to become the moody idiot that i am and lose out on the beauty of TODAY.

Just Live it and See. You will know what i am talking about :-)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Fifth!

Its been five months.

FIVE months.

Of being married.
Of a trip to the dessert and palaces
Of being away from my parents
Of being away from my sister
Of being away from my room
Of being away from my swing
Of just being.
Of sharing a room with a new roommate.
Of getting used to the new AXE smell
Of a new kitchen
Of new "rules"
Of breakfasts,lunches,dinners and coffee with a new family
Of calling new people as Amma Appa.
Of a new nephew who never ceases to make me smile.
Of a rose on and off
Of a brief period of sickness
Of all the care shown
Of the small fights
Of tears of homesickness
Of suddenly feeling that i am away from my friends too
Of suddenly spending loads of time with his friends and calling them my own.
Of the joy of seeing both sets of parents having lunch together
Of cooking with a mother-in-law discussing music
Of chatting with a sister-in-law for hours together
Of trips to temples.
Of uncontrollable mood swings
Of the chocolate ice cream at midnight
Of the new haircut
Of the unplanned Ooty trip
Of a gentle caress and a kiss when i am asleep
Of making list and shopping for groceries
Of the dozen concerts attended together
Of being cherished and treasured.
Of cherishing and treasuring.
Of admiring him in that new shirt of my choice
Of the flying kiss before going to office.
Of his sms saying something cute to remind me of him.
Of giving missed calls sitting next to one another
Of watching comedy movies and laughing away to glory.
Of suddenly remembering funny lines and reciting to one another.
Of the sudden protective hand-grip in a crowd
Of the random bouts of sulking
Of the bad cooking
Of the good cooking
Of new found love
Of his voice calling my name
Of the little moments of laughter
Of the comfortable silence.
Of a sudden unexpected hug
Of hope of a sweet future

Balaji,This one is for Us!!

Happy Fifth. Thank You for being You and tolerating the non-stop nonsense chatter and the silence,the music and the noise, the mood swings and the love :-)

(nobody else could have lived through it.Congratulations! You made it honeybunny!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The voting saga!

There is a nice feeling after casting a vote. A feeling of having made a difference. I hope the ones that get elected are sensible junta that DO something to make this a safer place to live in.

After all , hope is what we all live on!

Cast your VOTE. TODAY.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


*Warning: You are free to skip this post.Its appropriately tagged.

I am bored.

I want to travel to a far away land.But where nobody knows me and i do not know nobody.

I want chocolate ice-cream. But throat is bad already.

I want to sing very loudly. But i don't have the keys of the music room.

I want to listen to music. But i am bored of my playlist.

I think i am a nice girl. But i am now being a brat.

I have tons of work . But I'd rather blog.

I have joined yoga class to shed weight. But i want french fries(slurb!).

I am happy most of the times. But today is not one of those times.

I am bored. But Oh, so totally.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

many a time, time plays funny games sometimes..

Many a time, we get annoyed for no reason.
Many a time, we pretend to hate.
Many a time, we think love has left us.
Many a time, what we think is right, is not.

At Sometime, people just take the ones they love for granted.
At Sometime, they think of giving up and going away.
At Sometime, you want to hang on to them for dear life.
At Sometime, you think distances between people are necessary.

Time, will always be a silent healer.
Time, will always provide answers.
Time, will always watch out for us.
Time, will always move on, no matter what.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Me and Pink.

I Have

01.Pink toothbrush
02.Pink Soap box
03.Pink Pen-Pencil :-|
04.Pink Clothes by (a couple of ) the dozen(s)
05.Pink Panther (stuffed of course!)
06.Soft toys with pink nose(s)
07.Pink Umbrella.
08.Pink nail polish
09.Pink bucket and mug.
10.Pink wall hanging.
11.Pink purse.
12.Pink Cap.
13.Pink Slippers.
14.Pink hand towels.
15.Pinkish bed spread.
16.Pink Table cover.
17.Pink night dress
18.Pink bindis and rubberbands.
19.Pink bangles and earrings.
20.Pink Saree(s).

I want

01.Pink shruthi box.
02.Pink walking shoes
03.Pink laptop bag.
04.Pink lunchbox and pink lunchbox bag.
05.Pink clothes.
06.More pink clothes.
07.Many more pink clothes.
08.Many many more pink clothes.
09.Ok, i guess, you get the drift..
10.Pink car.
11.Pink passport.
12.Pink laptop (slurb slurb).
13.Pink gems (the chocolate)
14.Pink room (or no, wait , maybe a lavender room).
15.Pink curtains.
16.Pink crockery.

I am picturing Bee holding his head in his hands and asking God, "Why Me?". But, if he knows his math right (which he does), he will easily see that, my wants are very few.


Monday, April 6, 2009

My Quirks..

I am back (Tala Ajithstyle and all). Ages since i wrote anything on this space(Read i have been sooper busy doing random things and living a random life).

Ok. So?

So,I started writing this a few months back and just managed to complete it a while ago. This is officially my 84th published post (with a few in drafts). I do not believe it that i have so much to rant about..Huh. So here are a few of my Quirks. And i hope to God, some of you can relate to this and i am not the only idiot who feels and thinks like this!

Go read (and get bored)

1.When i walk on tiles, i place my feet in the center of the square tile. If i place them on the sides, i feel i am falling.
2.When i drive i only know when i start and suddenly i am at my destination. I sometimes have no clue how i got there. Meaning, i just wont have any memory of how i drove.
3.I have to sing, when i drive. Loudly. Yes
4.I can close my eyes and operate my mobile. Ex: When i go for a walk in the mornings, i put the mobile in my pocket , and change songs in the pocket itself. I don’t need to take it out, change songs/radio channels.
5.If someone serves me 2 rotis or 2 dosas, i have to finish one and then start the other. I dont like to tear both at the same time. It annoys me.
6.I have to wear a smile in every snap else i don’t like the snap of mine. I am actually not smiling at the camera. I usually smile at the photographer or think of something and smile. But smile anyway.
7.I sleep most peacefully lying on my tummy. I get nightmares if i sleep on the sides.
8.I count the steps when i climb them. Almost always.
9.I find hindustani classical music, a little boring.
10.When i see random people, i try to make up small stories about them and their lives.
11.I have an exceptional memory of faces and names. I always mix up faces with names though.
12.I clearly remember almost every episode of Ramayana, Mahabharata,Jungle Book, Oshin , Bomkesh Bakshi and Stone Boy that i have seen as i child.
13.I manage to remember events and dates easily and can exactly tell you dialogues if you ask me.
14.I am sometimes extremely quiet.
15.Voices in my head are sometimes very loud and i am scared people can hear them.
16.I like bent potato chips that are slightly reddish in colour.
17.I throw up sometimes if i eat more then 2 rotis.
18.Smell of banana nauseates me.
19.Any non-vegetarian smell can make me throw-up.
20.I take the ones who are closest to me for granted. I say Thank You. But i NEVER say Sorry . I don’t know why.
21.I live in my dream-world. I create make-believe characters in my mind and make-up random stories.
22.I hate crowds. They make me uneasy.
23.I am terrified of crossing the road alone.
24.I always mix up Left and Right.
25.My tamizh sucks.

After reading this, If you are still awake, i love you.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Of all the questions...


Why run away when you can stand and face
Why put off for tomorrow what you can do now
Why stay indoors when you can play in the rain

Why wear goggles and pretend world is dark, when sun is out
Why shut the ears when the cuckoo is singing
Why hold back when you can sing aloud

Why cry when you can laugh
Why abuse when you can forgive
Why hate when you can love

Why crib when you can solve
Why sad when you know all will be fine
Why think of evil when there is so much good

Why ?

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Magic in his music..

"Do you listen to music?"

"Who is your favorite?"

This was the conversation i had with a friend of mine when i was 9 years old. This man has moved me to tears, made me smile when i was terribly low, made me get up from my chair and dance when i was too shy to even talk to folks around me.I figured, i could sing decently when i was about 11 (i think). The first one on stage was Chinna Chinna Aasai (Roja) in front of my classmates. And then on most of the stage songs would be an ARR song. It was not a conscious decision to sing ARR songs. It would just come naturally. From the heart. I have never really understood the comparisons between ARR and Ilyaraja or anyone else for that matter. All other music directors maybe good. I am not negating that fact. But for me, ARR is GOD and will be.

I am just jooper proud that he got home 2 Oscars and still remains remarkably humble!

Goooo ARR! Hope you have a healthy and a very long happy life. Fill our hearts with more magical music.I am thankful, that i live in the same era as he lives, to appreciate his music, read reviews of his latest releases and bask in the glory of his tunes!

I Love you.


Friday, January 30, 2009

She hides..

As a child, she always loved to play hide-and-seek. She grew up never really realising, when and how it became an integral part of who she became as a person. As she grew up to be a warm and a sensitive woman, and began to observe people, she realised most of them were out there to hurt another person. By deed or by words. Cutting words and actions, which would instantly cut her quick.

She developed this habit of hiding then. She would just hide. Hide her tears behind her thick glasses, hide her emotions deep within her heart, hide all the hurt deep in her mind. Always ready to forgive and move on...but never to forget. She never forgot a single incident. She always remembered everything bad that had happened to her. But she never shared them, with anyone. Even if she did, it would be a small part of the entire situation.

She always thought of everyone as "good". Her well-wishers and close friends always told her, "Not all are like you.There are bad people in this world.Learn to differentiate between good and bad.You cannot survive otherwise".She would smile and nod. Deep in her heart, she knew she was incapable of branding someone "Bad".

She learnt quickly to distinguish between positive and negative comments and statements. Life then taught her lessons to face such people. With a warm smile sometimes. With a kind word sometimes, sometimes just moving away from that place. She realised people who try to hurt others are sad within. But at that moment, they have a negative energy within. To vent that, they use others as a target. They are not bad people.He/She is never bad as a person.Time is sometimes bad, moods are sometimes bad.Words are sometimes bad. That is it.

Now, she does what she has learnt best. She hides...with a smile.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It will pass..I hope.

Sometimes there is so much pain,
That there is a sharp pain in the head,
Vision blurrs and the world around spins,
That moment passes, and time moves on.

There is sometimes pain,Then there is more pain,
And then there is numbness,
Feels as if someone has splashed ice-cold water,
That moment too passes, and time moves on.

A once-upon-a-time cheerful heart,
That was once filled with content,
Is now half-empty and yearns for familiarity
This moment too will pass, and time will move on.

@Woo, Amma, Appa,
I miss you.

Note to Friends (those of who read my blog, and i love you for it) and Family (other than The-Husband, noone reads it):
1.Do NOT panic.
2.Wriiten in a state of homesickness. Don't give too much thought. This 'will' pass or so I'd like to tell myself.
3.In fact, dont bother to read this post :D (Am just posting to increase my post number. This is number 79 by the way :D) Why else did you think? ;-)

Note to The-Husband:
1.I dont need to write notes to you, You know me better than my mirror knows me [i'd like to tell that to myself and the world ]


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When i am Alone...I.. Listen!

I dont like being alone. Be it going shopping,for a walk,eating out or watching cinema.Most of all,I hate eating alone.At home or elsewhere. I mean, i really H.A.T.E it. Today was one of those very rare occasions where i had no company for lunch. I decided i would eat alone and just get done. Ordered bread and jam and sat down for a bite. The cafeteria was extremely crowded and noisy.I swore under my breath and wondered if this place would ever get a moment of peace here! If i had been there with a group, i would never have noticed the noise in the first place, instead would have added a few hundreds of decibels to the noise around.

Yenihoo, Sorry for the digress. (Before you get bored , give-up on me and leave this page, let me tell you, i am getting to the point.)

So when i am alone in crowded places, i look at people, observe their expressions and sometimes make up random stories about them (ya, its one of my quirks), but i admit have never payed much attention to what those faces were saying

So (again) the point is, i was eating alone and i caught a few snippets of conversation.

Guy1 to Group:Have you guys tasted gujarati khaana? Tried Khaakra or Dhokla?
A Bored Gal in Group: Ya..the paapad and idly like thingies?
Guy1 (ob a gujju): Ya ,Shit Maaan, i miss it all soooo much

Girl1 (whiney voice) to other Girls in group : I am not finding a maid only in bangalore
Another Girl from group:Contact an agency no? They are expensive but.
Girl1:Ya da, bangalore is bloody soooo expensive (sighs) .I wish my mom would come and help me for a few days. I just feel like putting my son with her and sleeping for 10hrs..(sighs again).

Man1 : So do you know whats latest on the Satyam scam?
Man2: Yeah, the guy got bail it seems!! Darn..

Man1:So what special this weekend
Man2:Am going to eat non-veg after 2 months! My vegetarian wife is going to her dad's place.(Smiles peacefully)

Man1:I enjoy having lunch with this team
Man2:Yeah..we do enjoy when we are together.Full of jokes. But we are very committed when it comes to work .Right guys?
Man1:So, whats hapening with the FPS project?Is it on time?
Girl1:Oh yes. We are well ahead of schedule.The customer is quite pleased.

Girl1 to Girl2 (looking around to see if someone was watching her, lowering her tone):So, How was it last night? with him i mean..

Man1:Heard the inspirational speech by Barrack Obama?
Girl1:Yeah..he is kinda cute no?

Girl1:My mother-in-law is the wickedest thing that happened to the world
Girl2:Take mine then no? (lots of laughter at the table)
Girl1:The only good she has done is given birth to my husband.
Girls-in-Group : :| (They don’t know how to react and hence keep quiet)

Girl1(excited high-pitched tone):Know what? theres a 50% Off SALE at Shoppers Stop and Westside at Garuda Mall! Gets go na please? My boyfriend has anyway gone out of town.
Girl2:No ya, no money, also where do we get time in the weekend? I have to clean the kitchen,the 2 bathrooms and my husband's cupboard. Cha, its a huuuge mess!

Meghna:Guys, have the requirement on the EM Dashboard project freezed?
Guy1:Ya Megh, will mail you the updates post-lunch.

Girl1 (Smiles coyly and blushes):I am going to meet Rahul today, after Threeeee fulllll days!
Girl2(Winks): Wowww...Enjoy ! Have fun!! Be good to him ;)

I also noticed a couple of guys checking out other women walking past (and vice-versa) :D

This exercise (eating alone i mean) much more fun than i thought it would be.Much.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Desperate Mothers Out On a Bride Hunt !!

The desperation to find a "suitable","good-looking","well-educated", "well-behaved","spiritually-elevated" girl (ya ya, i fit all those) for a typical tam-bram boy is beocming increasingly difficult for the 'desperate-mothers-out-on-a-bride -hunt' (lets call them DMOOBH) of these "US-based","IT-employed","MS" boys. I have come accross various such *embarrassing* and most often comical instances where such DMOOBHs have walked up to me and asked for my mom's number.Put into such situations i would be very polite.

DMOOBH: "I am looking out for my son, where do you live?"
Me: "Who me? Sorry, i am engaged"

DMOOBH: "My son is a BE ma.Avanukku ponnu tedaren"
Me: "Oh nice, I am working on my Ph.D ,maami."
DMOOBH:" "Appdiya..nanna padi ma."

...and many more such instances.

Yesterday's incident was the jewel on the crown of such comedies. I went to Tirumalagiri kovil and happened to attend a Tiruppavai upanyasam.It so hapens that the toe-ring on one of my feet are very loose, so i am wearing toe-ring on one feet and nothing on the other.

While listening to the upanyasam, i folded the feet that had the toe-ring on and kept the other feet without the toe-ring forward.I was unaware of the fact that one such DMOOBH was sitting next to me. She looked at my feet (without the toe-ring ) and started questioning me!

DMOOBH: "Nee yenga irukke?" [where do you live]
Me:"Inga kitte JP nagar" [Close-by, JP nagar]
DMOOBH:"Enna pannra?" [What do you do?]
Me: (very confused and wondering why is she questioning me!) "Work pannaren" [I work]
DMOOBH:(eyes lit-up) "Unga appa number kudu" (Give me your dad's number)
Me: (bulbed totally) "Yean maami?" [Why maami?]
DMOOBH: (sly look) "Illa engaathula payyan irukkan" [No, i have a son..]
Me: (flabbergasted) "Ayyo maami, naan ennoda maamanaar oda vandurken"
[I have come with my Father-in-law]
DMOOBH: (dejected) "Kaal la metti illaye" [you are not wearing toe-ring?]
Me: "Inda kaal la irukke!!" [its there on this feet !]

Came back home and had a sooper good laugh. Acion item of the weekend. Get that blasted toe-ring fixed!

These DMOOBHs i tell you!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The wedding and beyond..Thus far

The wedding hullabaloo gave us a few moments to cherish :) and a few to forget.
A wonderful and memorable relaxed week at Rajasthan, visiting palaces, forts and lakes and some amazing sunsets at Jaipur,Jaisalmer Samdunes,Jaisalmer City,Jodhpur,Udaipur,Chittorgadh,Pushkar.The week flew past and gave me loads of smiles, fun, jokes and poems! Back to Bangalore and a week of office work and cleaning and unpacking gripped Balaji and me. The last two weeks of a very laid back holiday at Podhanur,Coimbatore made me very homesick and sick with Viral infection.

I admit that i yearn to wake up to amma's samayal smell, the familiar agarbatti smell,the sound of her DivyaPrabandam chants,the sound of my dad yelling "Vayyuuu, where is the Tax file?" , the sight of Charu rolled up into the razai, the sound of sun music channel,neighbour's rock music,another neighbours guitar, familiar smell of my house err, my dad's house, familiar bed and pillow and a hundred other familiar things i am used to.I yearn for all of them.A change is indeed hard to accept.Its sometimes harder than i thought it would be. A lump forms in the throat on and off and goes away after a few times i swallow hard and blink my eyes to brush away the tears.I would like to think i am OK and all will be fine.But i still yearn.
Satisfy myself and tell myself that i am living with a guy who loves me and will do anything to see me smiling and happy.That is indeed just what makes the ride worthwhile!

Now that i am back to Bangalore and i am trying to set into a routine of cooking..err..learning to cook, cleaning, hanging wet clothes and folding dried ones,general house-work,office work, music, a little bit of writing, trying small surprises to keep the husband happy, making up new stories to keep him entertained,finding out what makes his deep dimple appear, find out exactly how he likes his coffee,finding out his favourite music,faking anger and making him pacify me ;), eat ice-creams in the middle of the night,keep tab of friends and family ...all this in a day's work.

I was and still am terribly apprehensive and wonder how my cooking will be. Will salt be enough? Have the vegetables cooked enough? I ask him and he says "I will eat anything you make. So dont worry.I have seen days where i could not get curd rice also to eat, so anything you make will be fine.". If at all i ask him how the food is, he says "Good effort.Needs a little more salt" or "Its good, leave the vegetables to boil a little more from next time". And its said in such an encouraging tone, that I fall in love with him...all over again!

I would like to think that i am managing so far and managing pretty decent compared to the way i was at dad's place.I have always been afraid to light the stove/lamp/crackers or anything that ahs to do with fire. Everytime i have done that in the past, i have hurt myself. I am now figuring out the fact that i need to stock up burnol in the kitchen. Looks like i will use it more than i will use table salt :|

Small things like drawing a Kolam, lighting the lamp,cooking, cleaning,folding clothes, all of which used to be taken care of by my Amma and i just used to go to office , come back and food would be hot in the table and sometimes (read most often ) would be fed to me directly.I yearn for it all. But i am learning to do all this on my own so its fun.For me.

So that was a brief about my wedding and beyond. I will be back with a travelogue of Rajasthan and pics soon.

Friday, January 9, 2009

2008..The year that it was

Life has certainly changed in 2008. I would like to list some major events that the year saw

-Grandpa's death. A loss that cannot be measured or expressed in words.
-Formed Family google group and we are closer to one another than ever before and i am more than thankful for technology.
-Found two amazing music guru's SK and Viji.
-an online musical family that i found Bala Anna, SK, Sai, Maythini,PK. These are a bunch of people i am ever greatful to and they have an important place in my daily prayers.
-Special mention to Sampath nAnA and family :) Found a whole lot of friends, brothers and sisters through him!
-Found that my interest in Carnatic music grew by leaps and bounds.
-"Groom-hunt-for-Vasu" Project finally got its end-date :-)
-I found my Prince-Charming. He came, He saw and He conquered my heart ...and my soul.
-As always, expectedly the most unexpected happens with me , and i ended up getting married (and very happily so mind you :D)
-Found that i could hide the-fact-that-i-am-terriblly-homesick with a smile :)
-My adventures in the Kitchen will be published very soon as a book. Please buy it. :)

I dont quite have a new-year-resolution list. I have grown-up and realized there is *no* point in making them and breaking them every year. So i just intend to

-Learn driving
-Learn cooking (without burning the kitchen or myself down)
-Continue music lessons (learn loads of Dikshitar Krithis)
-Learn Tiruppavai
-Visit Ahobilam
-Shed Weight
-Do a little bit of Yoga.
-Learn to keep quiet in moments of anger and not react on the spur of the moment without thoughts of aftermath.

I think and i hope this a do-able list.

You enjoy yourself, Live to the fullest everyday and remember to reduce the waste of plastic, paper and petrol. Also remember to save power and water for the future generation.

Chase all the blues, Live Green and be Pink with health: D

Hope you have a Colorful and a musical Year ahead.

I wish you all a very happy and a healthy 2009.

Love,Luck and Prayers,