Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Days...These days.

-Make a List
-Tick items bought
-Cross items to be bought.
-Remind tailor to return the blouse.
-Pack stuff bought
-Check checklist again (just incase you have forgotten something important like your body spray or toothbrush)
-Feel terrible about being too busy at work to even notice all the hard work folks at home are doing to make things a success.
-Cry at the slightest mention of leaving home :|
-Learn to cook :|
-Ensure all the matching bangles and accessories go into the suitcase.
-Call up buddies and Invite and have conversations like :

Me: Hey getting married. Dec 4th. Srirangam. Yahooooo!
Him: Wow, you sound happy happy re!
Me: Who me? Happy? No.I am getting married just to wear all those lovely lovely saris daddy has bought me. Colon D.

-Breathe deeply and count backwards from 100 to stay calm, while every nerve within is screaming.

See you there on 4th of December 2008, and Thanks for all the support, love and wishes :-)

It is Dum Dum Dum time.

10 Days to go!

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