Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An Echo..A Memory.

Look back and think of those moments spent,
Wearing a frock, playing in mud, Bringing a stray dog home,
Feeding him and giving my rug to him.
To keep him warm from cold winds and rain.

Learning songs from great-grandmother,
Grandfather sitting at the swing,
And me sleeping on his lap,
Refusing to eat dinner, till i have seen my 2 goat-friends.

Making phone calls to daddy's office asking him to come early,
Applying kumkum on dad's forehead, When he goes on tour,
Begging him to buy gems on his way back from tours.
Ask him to bend low, so that i could kiss him goodbye.

Watching mom play veena and sing,
Cry as she twisted my ear and made me do math,
Giggled as she lifted me into the cane chair,
Frantically searching for her as the swing swung by fast.

Watching my sister sleep and calm her when she cried,
Growing up together and sharing Dairy Milk chocolates.
With pride clapped as she topped her classes,
Wearing frocks and skirts of the same colour and material.

Dressing up for dandiya and waiting for those 9 days,
Dancing and singing all through the night,
Eating ice-creams and drinking Gold-spot with friends at 3AM,
Some days, were they.

Waiting for summer vacations,To meet cousins and climb trees with them.
Play a game of hide-n-seek,Hide under a bed and fall asleep.
With folks at hiome frantically launch a search party,
Wake up because of all the noise and ask, "Who is lost?"

Life then, filled with laughter, tears,
innocence and spontaneity,
All that is gone and a memory remains,Etched in the soul,
For me to think back and cherish them as i smile.


Archana Achuthan said...

Very good one vasu!! :) Every girl wl have such toughts... u hav brought them out well...

Maythini said...


Vasumathi Sridharan said...

:) Thanks :)

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