Sunday, November 30, 2008

As the D-day approaches.

Ok. This is it. The countdown is almost over. My heart beats faster. (I am almost afraid someone next to me can hear it go thump thump thump). All checklists done. Shopping over. All invites sent out. Blouses stitched (finally). Time to now sit back and watch the event happen. (I hope i remember all the relatives names and dont mix up when i introduce my people to my in-laws.)

Everytime someone blesses me i get emotional and tears just well up. Darn. I *hate* crying. Such a sign of display of weakness.Daddy has strictly prohibbited me from crying.Can someone remind me to wear tear-proof mascara please?

This will be my last post as "Miss.Vasu". Am off to put mehendi on my hands and will not be online. If you are reading this, you have *no* clue of all the emotions running through me now.

Looking forward to have a great wedding, enjoy, put on make-up (ok, not my area of interest, but..what the heck, you get married once only no?), wear pretty sarees, say cheese for pics :) (i have realised its Ok to smile at the camera...the pics are such a joy to look at later on..NOTE-to-self: DO NOT stare at the camera. SMILE. Please.), meet cousins,buddies, eat good food and most of all Sing "Rangapura vihArA" at Srirangam temple! What more can anyone ask for?

Will be back with the wedding experience and a travelogue on Rajasthan as soon as i get back!

Till then, say your daily prayers, be kind and polite, eat healthy and make someone Smile :)

I hope i just did :)

>:D< Tada for now!

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Archana Achuthan said...

Iam sure you are going to have the best wedding anyone has ever had!! that 2 in Srirangam!! :) Here's wishing both of u a happy married life ahead!!