Sunday, November 30, 2008

As the D-day approaches.

Ok. This is it. The countdown is almost over. My heart beats faster. (I am almost afraid someone next to me can hear it go thump thump thump). All checklists done. Shopping over. All invites sent out. Blouses stitched (finally). Time to now sit back and watch the event happen. (I hope i remember all the relatives names and dont mix up when i introduce my people to my in-laws.)

Everytime someone blesses me i get emotional and tears just well up. Darn. I *hate* crying. Such a sign of display of weakness.Daddy has strictly prohibbited me from crying.Can someone remind me to wear tear-proof mascara please?

This will be my last post as "Miss.Vasu". Am off to put mehendi on my hands and will not be online. If you are reading this, you have *no* clue of all the emotions running through me now.

Looking forward to have a great wedding, enjoy, put on make-up (ok, not my area of interest, but..what the heck, you get married once only no?), wear pretty sarees, say cheese for pics :) (i have realised its Ok to smile at the camera...the pics are such a joy to look at later on..NOTE-to-self: DO NOT stare at the camera. SMILE. Please.), meet cousins,buddies, eat good food and most of all Sing "Rangapura vihArA" at Srirangam temple! What more can anyone ask for?

Will be back with the wedding experience and a travelogue on Rajasthan as soon as i get back!

Till then, say your daily prayers, be kind and polite, eat healthy and make someone Smile :)

I hope i just did :)

>:D< Tada for now!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Can't believe, can't believe
That she's grown
Lost during fathers recruit
And found in Orkut

This blogger is mind boggling
Blogs and poems
Thoughts are lot
Fashioning in her head

This head was once plated into two
Culminating into red raveled nylon ribbons
This bubbly girl with laughs louder
Than the grunting 3no bus

Is all set
To get

Can't believe, can't believe
That she's grown.

Ok. That was a poem that Mr.Cyril Abraham (my partner in crime since my 2nd standard) wrote for me.Cyril, Many thanks. That was a sweeeeet Wedding gift :-)
Will miss you. Be there in spirit and pray for us :-) Blessed to have you as a part of my life. You rock buddy :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An Echo..A Memory.

Look back and think of those moments spent,
Wearing a frock, playing in mud, Bringing a stray dog home,
Feeding him and giving my rug to him.
To keep him warm from cold winds and rain.

Learning songs from great-grandmother,
Grandfather sitting at the swing,
And me sleeping on his lap,
Refusing to eat dinner, till i have seen my 2 goat-friends.

Making phone calls to daddy's office asking him to come early,
Applying kumkum on dad's forehead, When he goes on tour,
Begging him to buy gems on his way back from tours.
Ask him to bend low, so that i could kiss him goodbye.

Watching mom play veena and sing,
Cry as she twisted my ear and made me do math,
Giggled as she lifted me into the cane chair,
Frantically searching for her as the swing swung by fast.

Watching my sister sleep and calm her when she cried,
Growing up together and sharing Dairy Milk chocolates.
With pride clapped as she topped her classes,
Wearing frocks and skirts of the same colour and material.

Dressing up for dandiya and waiting for those 9 days,
Dancing and singing all through the night,
Eating ice-creams and drinking Gold-spot with friends at 3AM,
Some days, were they.

Waiting for summer vacations,To meet cousins and climb trees with them.
Play a game of hide-n-seek,Hide under a bed and fall asleep.
With folks at hiome frantically launch a search party,
Wake up because of all the noise and ask, "Who is lost?"

Life then, filled with laughter, tears,
innocence and spontaneity,
All that is gone and a memory remains,Etched in the soul,
For me to think back and cherish them as i smile.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Days...These days.

-Make a List
-Tick items bought
-Cross items to be bought.
-Remind tailor to return the blouse.
-Pack stuff bought
-Check checklist again (just incase you have forgotten something important like your body spray or toothbrush)
-Feel terrible about being too busy at work to even notice all the hard work folks at home are doing to make things a success.
-Cry at the slightest mention of leaving home :|
-Learn to cook :|
-Ensure all the matching bangles and accessories go into the suitcase.
-Call up buddies and Invite and have conversations like :

Me: Hey getting married. Dec 4th. Srirangam. Yahooooo!
Him: Wow, you sound happy happy re!
Me: Who me? Happy? No.I am getting married just to wear all those lovely lovely saris daddy has bought me. Colon D.

-Breathe deeply and count backwards from 100 to stay calm, while every nerve within is screaming.

See you there on 4th of December 2008, and Thanks for all the support, love and wishes :-)

It is Dum Dum Dum time.

10 Days to go!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Straight from my heart

Chitthi na koi sandes, jaane woh konsa des, jahaan tum chale gaye.

A simple song with simple lyrics, had my eyes wet with tears.

Its my wedding. And my elder sister wont be there.She had promised to be there though. During one of those little games we used to play as kids, she said,"Vasu, unnoda kalyanathukku naan pink podavai kattippen". (I will wear a pink saree at your wedding)

Such a helpless feeling it is, to have lost someone and never being able to see them again. Never get a chance to hug them and tell them , that "Hey, i love you.You are very very precious to me.". Baby, my wedding will never be complete without you. I will wear a pink saree for you to see.

Do come and do keep your promise. I know you will. I will miss you in every moment. In every song and in every smile. Stay at peace wherever you are. I Love you yaar. Wish i could hug you and rest my head on your shoulder. For me to smell that lovely perfume of yours. For you to reassure me that everything will be fine.For you to say , "Onnum illa yaaar, nee venum naa paaren.." .I wish i could get those little tips and advices that you would have given, if you were around. I wish i could have spoken to you and confided everything about my relationship to you.Told you what a great guy i am getting married to and i wish i could have seen that peaceful smile on your face.

Your voice sometimes rings in my ears and makes me look around to see if you are by chance around calling me.

This post is dedicated you Utthra. The only one i confided in all my childhood secrets and confessed every prank of mine to. All those secrets are safe now. You took them all with you.Noone will ever be what you are to me. I end this post here. My eyes are terribly blurred.

This is to you!

My best friend.My Akka.My Utths.

PS: For a long time i kept this saved as a draft. And did not want to publish this. But posting it anyway, for reasons unknown to the writer herself.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

This and That

Are you really going?
Ask your dad and sis,
Throat gets choked, Words fail to come and tears drop,
And then you know, that its time...
to set off.

Set off to a new world,
A new home,new people,New smells.
Heart thumps wildly, sleep evades at times,
But, find solace, knowing am going to be safe...
In someone's heart.

In someone's heart will i live,
And make place for someone in mine,
Enjoying simplest joys of life,
And living each moment to its fullest.

Monday, November 3, 2008

mAmava paTTAbhirAma

I doubt if any sAhityaM can be this beautiful. This one describes rAmar Pattabhishekam.Got goosed and broke down listening to this one and gave up on life. Look at the rAga mudra,"dasharathaputra mAniraHNgavalyAlaHNkRta navaratna manTape " , the composer mudra "sItayAsaha samsthita sucaritra paramapa vitra guruguha mitra " and the end..cha..,"mEdinI pAlA rAmachandrA".. I promptly give up and do a >----<-o @ Dikshitar.The man, the master composer,the GOD.I stop my rant here. Take a listen and feel free to feed your soul.