Thursday, September 25, 2008


As you can see, i am rottenly bored. Am at home and sick of it. Just spent 2 hours searching for a new template and set font-colors to match it.

Someone take me out no, Please! I desperately want to go out and eat bhel puri , golgappe and chocolate ice-cream and all things nice. Please take me out. I am asking with my sweetest smile...EVER. Ok, no bhel, atleast an ice-cream?? I am allowed an ice-cream for Christ's sake!! I really am!

Getting all random_max thoughts staying at home. Doing absolutely cranky mad things. A song is in repeat mode for the last 3 days. Dance to it at 1AM. Read till 2AM. Get nightmares and wake up suddenly.Blog hopping like crazy. Have a wild desire scream loudly. Feeling completely void. Strange restlessness. There is this loud silence.

Have a bitter taste in my mouth. Completely developed aversion for food. The sight of it sickenns me. Sulk and throw tantrums everytime ma gets a plate of bland food.

Just the craving for ice-cream remains.

Only look forward to drink Live52.

Gaze at my mobile phone and will it to ring. It never rings these days .Even if it does, 'none' of the conversations last longer than 3mins and 20 seconds. So, call me and talk to me no? For longer than 3 mins and 20seconds.Thanks and i love you.

Refresh my Gmail some 100times hoping to have recieved a nice mushy e-mail. The screen looks at me and says "Nice Try..but better luck next time" :-(_max

Yes, i am in a great mood and my life is totally rocking at the moment. I am celebrating. All good things are happening.

Bhooo....i want to hide under the bed and feel like a 5 year old again...

PS: I wont blame you, if you think i have lost it.I swear.God-Promise. *holding-my-throat*

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