Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Drama from 2 Thru 5

Out of sheer boredom and frustration, and lack of having anything useful to do, i am doing a self tag on childhood memories between the age of 2 to 5.

#1. I was 2 years old i think. I remember my mom playing the veena and me singing and dad recording the session.I was wearing a green umbrella cut frock with white flowers.Ma was wearing a maroon saree.

#2. I remember dad teaching me to play badminton when i was probably 5.Have a vivid memory of it.

#3. I remember ma and pa took me to Kanyakumari. I remember watching the sunset, and for some reason i was crying. Mummy took me to a prayer hall. The silence there killed me. I had a strong desire to scream. And scream i did.Louuuuudly. An elderly spectacled gentleman turned and said "shhhh..quiet child". Mummy dragged me away from there. I turned back, glared at him and stuck my tongue out at him. :P

#4.Remember being falling ill.The doctor arranging for drips to be given at home. Remember my maternal granpa coming to see me, and touching the drip and asking "enna idhu? why did the child fall ill?" with a terribly worried look.

#5. I remember my great-grandmother sitting on a bench and i was running about and playing. She called me and taught me "Vara veena mrudu paaNi" geetham in mOhana raagam. For some reason , this rAgam remains an eternal favourite. Instantly makes me happy!

#6. I remember my first day of school very vividly. Every detail.

#7. I remember a Ganesh Chaturthi. My grandmom had made a nice mantap and bought 2 small umbrellas for ganesha.I wanted one for my doll-house. They refused to give it to me.I threw a fit. Finally my granddad gave it to me and wiped my tears.

#8. I remember my granddad sitting in the swing and chewing betel leaves and me sleeping on his lap. Most of my afternoons would be spent this way. Somehow a swing is such an integral part of my memories. Was thilled to bits when dad bought a swing for our house. I still spend so much time on it. Swinging to glory and practicing music or just well..swinging.

#9.Remember seeing charu for the first time in the hospital. So tiny , pink and chubby. then saw my dad and mom playing with her and petting her. Felt an inexplicable pang.I never liked her much when she was a baby. But ya, the only reason i used to go to hospital to see her, was that tatha had kept a box of chocolates in the draw and i was allowed 1 per day :-)

#10. Remember chasing away my music teacher who used to come home to teach me. Used to hide under the bed when she used to come. Finally amma appa gave up and told her i wont be learnign anymore from her. Never liked her much.

#11. Remember playing hide-and-seek with cousins. Hid myself in my grandpa's cupboard and fell asleep. My cousins could not find me. The household was completely panicky. They thought i had got lost or even worse kidnapped! My granddad found me when he came to look for a change of his dhothi!

#12. I would eat everyday only if i saw a goat.My granddad would carry me and go in search of one. Then arranged for a guy to bring 2 goats daily to our place just to have a more peaceful dinner time without my tantrums.

#13. I remember my cousin making me sing "Vande Mataram" in the hall filled with all of mom's side people. My grandma remarked to my mom. 'All the kids study well. Dont pressurize her to study.Make her sing instead.'

#14. Every sunday daddy used to buy a ring for me. And after 2 days i used to misplace it.

#15. My maternal grandma used to make the world's best onion-raita. I used to wake her up at 11pm and ask her to make upma and onion-raita for me.

Thse are some that i vividly remember. Infact i remember loads of stuff. Will pen down as and when i have energy to type. Off now.

Peace to you All,


NR said...

You were, are and will remain a BRAT! :P

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

Oh well..thanks.. but pray..who art thou?

Sandhya Biswas said...

Choo still remains a kid and will be forever. :-)

Stay the same, for we all love you for what you are and no-one else can be!

hiranmayi said...

This reminds me of my childhood,too.I used to ask my paati to make adhirasams at unearthly hours!!