Sunday, August 3, 2008

My not-so-secret Affair With..Fitness

I find myself eating a wee bit more these days.Not that it matters to you or to the rest of the world.


You : Huh...What?
Me:(same reaction)

My Regime:
-Wake up at 4.45AM (Whattay un-godly hour i say..)
-Glass of Complan :O
-Reach office.
-Breakfast 3 Chappatis that mom-darling packs.(She wakes up at 4.30 and cooks for me :((I hate it to bother her,but she is 'just' sure that i am incapable of looking after my own health)
-Glass of Milk.
-Lunch 3 more chappatis that mom-darling only has packed.
-Back home from work.
-Cup of Boiled Corn/Sprouts or An Apple (to keep the doctor away?).
-Cup of Rasam Rice with some vegetable.
-9.30PM Pack.

What the heck?

I 'cant' possibly be eating all that stuff!!!!!!

Where is the exercise bit you ask? Well i come back home from office and go for a quick walk/jog/run depending on how slippery the roads are because of the rains.

At this rate, i need to join a gym to burn more calories.

Ya, i know, i really do know... that you think i am abso-freaking-lutely beautiful the way i am *one-flying-kiss-from-me-to-you-for-that*, But i really really need to improve my fitness level. Its down there. At Rock bottom.

122 Days to Go. Colon D.


Shreekrishna said...

Try burning Joules instead of calories. I encourage you to think SI lest your kid come and say "Mommy, my moment of inertia about my longitudinal axis is I slug ft^2 "

Easier to give up now, than give up then. Yes, the last statement was rather punny if you were wondering.

I live on to tell the tale

Gowri Rao said...

Su....... you r gr8 di. u wake up at 4:45 am.. i wish i could open my eyes at that hour. good routine ha, kis ko bata rahi ho ye sab? ha....122 days to get married? counting days r u? good, all the best.

Shreekrishna said...

Nope, 119 days now, I guess? :P I think everyday matters since Sue can't wait :P. I mean, why else would that "122 days to go" feature down there? That too with a :D? :O

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

@SK Kut, to your first comment, sue-openned-her-mouth-to-say-something-then-shut-it-since-she-did-not-know-wat-to-say.

Arre kisi ko nahi bataa rahi, rant tha wo sab.. ya ya, countdown has begun..Thanks !

@SK kut-again,

sampath said...

that's a nice `fitness' schedule indeed. keep it up vachoo.... :)

Shreekrishna said...

@ Sue's comment about first comment -
I am invincible when it comes to being invincible by virtue of using the invincibly beautiful damsel called Math/Physics.

@ Sue's comment about 2nd comment -
Till date I've not seen a "neither head, nor tail".

@ Sue's comment about this comment -
You've still not given up on me, have you? The time cometh soon.

Maythini said...

@SK's comments on all of the above:


NR said...

Yaaaaaay!! Way to go, Su!!

But i still don't get why u have to wake up at 4.45 am for this!!! I thought u were going for a morning walk/run...until i read lower down that u do in the evening instead!

Hope u'r still gettin gur 8 hours of sleep though...can't compromise sleep for fitness!

Maythini said...

btw...does athimber read Choo's blogs? :D :D

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

@ Sampath nAnA,
Dankoo :D

@SK kut,
Yesh.i now promptly giveaap.

yesh, i get my 7 -8hrs beauty sleep . thank you very much. Who are you by the way ;-) ?

Me too Lo(very)Lly indeed at all the pun! Yesh, your Athimber does read your Choo's blogs :D