Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Story of a Boatman and a River.

Tall green tress on both sides forming a canopy,
The river was deep,still and quiet
In the stilness of a moment,Came a boatman,
Rowing genlty,in a boat full of flowers,
With fragrance wafting in the air and colors that can take a breath away.

He thought,there was something different about the river today,
He cruised along,wondering about the river,
she would normally be swifter, he thought,
Making music by splashing on the rocks as she ran along gracefully,
Why is she so still today, he asked himself.

A hundred questions formed his mind,
Did i hurt her with my oars?
Is she unhappy about something?
Is it the calm before the storm?
She was her normal self yesterday, whats with her today?

The River, seeing her favourite boatman in doubt,
Tries in her own silent way to answer him,
that she was just too tired of all the running.
To tell him that all is well with her,
And that she is content and very happy today, than ever before.

Moment of the Day

Me-to-Security-Guard : Bhaiya, First Aid Hai?
Sleepy-Security-Guard : Nahi madam, Yeh Third Floor Hai.

Me :-|

After a few hours ROFL.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Damned nightmares.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Theres So much to do,
Theres so little time.

What to do,Where to go,
Whom to meet, who all to talk to.

It used to be so calm before.
It probably was the calm before the storm.

Sometimes i think i am leading a maddening life,
Sometimes it is hard,to be on the run ALL the time.

But then,Someone said, No pain, No gain,
That someone is right.I suppose.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My not-so-secret Affair With..Fitness

I find myself eating a wee bit more these days.Not that it matters to you or to the rest of the world.


You : Huh...What?
Me:(same reaction)

My Regime:
-Wake up at 4.45AM (Whattay un-godly hour i say..)
-Glass of Complan :O
-Reach office.
-Breakfast 3 Chappatis that mom-darling packs.(She wakes up at 4.30 and cooks for me :((I hate it to bother her,but she is 'just' sure that i am incapable of looking after my own health)
-Glass of Milk.
-Lunch 3 more chappatis that mom-darling only has packed.
-Back home from work.
-Cup of Boiled Corn/Sprouts or An Apple (to keep the doctor away?).
-Cup of Rasam Rice with some vegetable.
-9.30PM Pack.

What the heck?

I 'cant' possibly be eating all that stuff!!!!!!

Where is the exercise bit you ask? Well i come back home from office and go for a quick walk/jog/run depending on how slippery the roads are because of the rains.

At this rate, i need to join a gym to burn more calories.

Ya, i know, i really do know... that you think i am abso-freaking-lutely beautiful the way i am *one-flying-kiss-from-me-to-you-for-that*, But i really really need to improve my fitness level. Its down there. At Rock bottom.

122 Days to Go. Colon D.

Vasu Vs Vodafone

I share a love/hate relationship with Vodafone.

I ask them to activate Family and friends Free calls option and they dont do it even after 48 hours.

I pay them 300 bucks for a connection, they dont give me a receipt.They make me run all over the place.

I ask them to activate roaming on someone's phone, since that someone was away and was not able to make calls. They do it in like 30mins.

Huh,What do you do with these folks?