Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why Me?

All of us ask this question at some point in time. At every transformation, at every situation that puts us off, we ask "Why me?"

I am amazed at my own thought process sometimes.

I tend to think so clearly and look at a bigger picture so clearly in my mind. Analyse from everybody's point of view. Try to be empethetic.But, the catch is, i do that only when people come to me with issues and seek help. I wil feel for them from my heart, but i will think for them very clearly from my mind.

When it comes to myself, i think from my heart. I just dont listen to what the mind says. This causes chaos, since there will be way too much of tug of war within me. The mind speaks loudly, the heart speaks louder.This inturn causes so much confusion between me , myself and the outside world.Maybe this is my nature.But..i still ask "why me?"

This might sound stupid to the seasoned mind like yours(?) , but this is exactly what happens inside me. Where else do i rant but to you, my dear blog!It is now i suppose your turn to ask "Why me?", as you silently tolerate my endless blabber.

Ok,its time now, to get that yummy chocolate thats in the refrigirator.


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