Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Latest from me.

Ages since i wrote something here.No,Am *not* going to fill this post up with excuses for not writing more often. I have been writing stuff, but unfortunately, content is not for a blog. Its just for a special-someone. Who,You ask? Well, a special someone, am getting wedded to.

So, thats news from me. Am getting married. While this statement sounds foreign to my own ears, Scares me no end, it also brings about a little smile, some hope about a future with someone. Am riding a wave that is full of mixed emotions.

Its been my dream to get married at a Kshetram. So, i am going to see a dream of mine, turn into reality.So, the chosen place is none other than Srirangam.That temple has 'always' been soo close to my heart. There is so much history and so much character in that place that, it always moves me to tears. The very thought that "I am walking on the sand that Swami Ramanuja and Swami Desikan walked on" itself is so overwhelming and gets me goosed.

Yes, You are permitted to ask me for details now :D

More later.


Sandhya Biswas said...

Sue >:D<

Dreams do come true. Yes, I believe in it after I read this post of yours. :)

Very well written. I just wish Sue gets a bit regular :p Hope this dream comes true ;)

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

Sue will try her best to be regular from now on. Sue will put fight. Just that sue sometimes runs out of words and has a :| face. Thanks soo much for stopping by, reading and commenting. >:D< You rock!!!

Aditya said...

Ohh..U r getting married? Very nice :) Congrats and All the best :) Wen is the date of marriage ?

Vasumathi Sridharan said...


Yep, Dec 5th.


varadhoo said...

hi, i am from srirangam only. i am not in your friends list or bla .. bla communities in orkut, but still, a girl is getting married in my place .. i wish to know the place ..