Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Been a while since i blogged. My appologies to the regular readers(are there any?).Anyway, reasons being the same work and more work(ok.am just saving some grace left.Dont smirk ok?)

The world and the people in it really baffle me. Baffle me to such an extent that i sometimes find myself either worrying for them, else being angry with them alternatively.A lady holds the hand of her 5 yr old daughter and crosses the street without looking at either direction.An auto driver overtakes me from right and without an indicator turns left. A biker races out of nowhere from my left,almost kills me and turns right. Traffic scene is a chaos all in capital letters.Been driving 35kms on a daily basis and i know how aweful it is.My brows are knit through out my drive.Well.Almost.

Back home, switch on the TV and flip the NDTV by chance.Only depressing stuff.Have Almost stopped watching/reading the news. I only get to hear stuff that sickens me in my stomach.Harldly anything positive gets publised or talked about(Is there any positivity left?).

Before you judge me and say i am being emotional and talking from my heart and not my head, let me tell you, that you will agree with every word here. I am sure.I find myself stressed and very very worried about the future.Mine and yours. My kid's and yours.

I seriously wonder, how and in what way, should i/we contribute to make the world a better place. Thoughts welcome.

A very worried,sad and tired Me signing off.

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Aditya said...

Yes...people walk on the road as if others will wait and let them leisurely cross the road!!!!!!

Autowalas try to get in between two velhicles even if there is a gap of 1 cm.....[:O]


Traffic in india is a big problem ....