Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And then..It Rained..

So, this is what happened Today. Was just leaving office. Tied my bandana, wore my helmet, kick started my Scooty and left office, Thinking its going to be a pleasant ride back home. Nice and (mildly) cloudy sky. as usual humming a tune, and trying to avoid every pot-hole in order to have a smooth drive, I drove.

Covered more than half the distance very peacefully. And then it drizziled. And then rained. Took shelter first under a bridge with a few other fellow riders.Mostly "Fellows". This guy stares at my ID card , sees the HP laptop. I notice his Dell Laptop. He gives me a weary look and says.."so, you working with HP?" I stared with a (What-the -heck) kinda dirty look in response. He keeps quiet.

Rain subsides. I start again. Further up, after 2 kms, pours again. I despreately look for a tree , a bulding, a anything for shelter. Dont find anything..No use. Drenched to the skin anyway!! So, The traffic signal turns Red. I stand with other fellow-drivers and riders and willing the god-forsaken signal to turn Green again. Shivvvvering starts, wizer is totally wet. Glasses totally wet. Giveaap.

No point stopping under a tree also. So drive along. then driving becomes impossible. Rain drops start hitting the eye. The Rain belts down harder. Givaap again.Eyes fall on the Hero Honda showroom. Stop the vehicle, and run to the showroom. Call up Amma. Amma yells. "NO driving from tomorrow." Me: "Please switch on heater". Then rain subsides again. So Me, the heroine of this story, leaves the showroom and starts off again. 3 More kms to go before i reach home."God..pls dont rain anymore..just let me reach home, without skidding or killing anyone on the roads" Gods are kind. They do hear me. Well ...Partly wonly..After 2 kms, Gods start the rain again. This time, shelter is Shivaginagar Police Station. Hefty policemen, 6 feet 5 inches tall and some 124 kgs each :-(

Again, i was the only lady there amongst 23 others who had taken shelter.
One Policeman comes and asks "Madam , would you like to sit down? Would you like to have some coffee??" ,
Me: No thanks.
Him : "If you can tell us your adress, we can drop you home in the jeep. "
Me: "No thanks..i have my vehicle..i will be fine." .
Him (saw my lapi and): "Software ?? Which company? " .
Me: "Why?" (eaised eyebrows)
Him : "Nothing..Just like that"
Him again : "Would you like to call someone? "
Me: "Yea sure...i need to call my boyfriend" (To myself.."what-the-Hell". )

Rain subsides again after 30 odd mins. Leave the station for home. Reach home. Have a hot bath, hot coffee and am mailing this now.

Basic need of the hour : Wipers for the Helment wizers and Oh yea..Wipers for Specs too. My birthday is coming up..can one of you gift me a car please??? Kidding. Never mind.

You : (to yourself.) "Iva mazhai la nananjaalum nanaja..namma uyira yen vaangara???"
Me: Simple. Its My birth right.

Chill. I know you want to throw something at me right now.

I drove safe. Really. Promise. And am gonna stay away from the bike till such time, this Rainy (?) season goes away :D


And ya, please stay from rain..will you ?? Looks like you have had enough of me for today. I hear you. I *am* going. Really.

Love and smiles, (no rains please!!)


revanth said...

Wonderful post Vasu akka....
I never knew one rain could cause so much of masti to the readers of your blog....A very nice post....
Had a great laughter... :D :D
-Lots of Love

Aditya said...
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Aditya said...

Wonderful .. Wonderful :) :)

I wonder if u r Vasumathi Akka in orkut with Sampath maama , Shimshaa in your friends list !!...

Nice blog akka.. :)