Tuesday, March 11, 2008


A Trip to Pondichery for Hari's engagement over the weekend of March 8,9th and I come back refreshed. Mind and Soul. Mind, because i did a lot of thinking.Soul because of a flying visit to TiruvEndipuram.

We made a trip to the beach called Paradise Beach. There is a resort called Chunamba Resort. A small boat ride in the backwaters and then you hit the land then ...Beach!!! Beautifully clean, well maintained beach. We managed to shoot some interesting snaps too. There were not too many people too, so we could do as much masti as we wanted without being "watched/scrutinized".

But once on the beach, all forgot about everything else.Completely relaxed in the cool breeze and blue water hitting the shores.I went to a beach after ages and became a child once again! Ran around, collected shells, held M's hand and played splashing water as we ran in the beach.(Thanks Arvind for a cute snap..will treasure it for a long time to come).Enjoyed sitting by the shore and just watching the waves crash the shore. A Wave, tells you in its quiet way, all that goes down, comes up, and all that is up, comes down. A very huge lesson, if understood, can make a profound impression upon you.There is so much good around us, yet we find faults, crib and be pessimistic about life. I somehow made up my mind, that i will only be a good-finder from now on. Will be extreemely cheerful, positive, take all the good with the bad. Because i have learnt from the wave, that if i am down today, i am going to be UP tomorrow.Promise!

After ages, the friend crowd got together.Felt Rajesh's presence a lot during those moments. Sometimes miss him so much that a lump forms in the throat. I have promised myself, will always remember him for the good person he was and try to be of some support to his family and will do some good to the society. It will be my little way of showing him that i miss him very much.Had got so used to him being around, a 6 footer with a pleasing smile and twinkling eyes brimming with miscief. We will always feel your presence amongst us.You are missed Rajesh.Very much.This post would have been grossly incomplete if i had not mentioned you. Because all of us rememebered you , all our eyes were moist at one point of time or the other , all our hearts were heavy and yet words remained unspoken.May you be at peace buddy.


Confounded-Lady said...

Aah...ended in a touching note.
He must have been a special person. I'm sure he loves this post...and the background too.

Love ya!

Shreekrishna said...

They say in Sanskrit -

chakrArapanktiriva gachChati bhAgyapankti: |

Life is like a wheel. The up comes down but then it again goes back up. And when the down goes up, you don't know whether it's the 'down' or up. So, pretty much like waves.... Was just reminded of the quote, hence rubbished here. I'd have rubbished more had only "Onset to Turbulence" not been waiting for me...


Vasumathi said...

Yes, hw was..very special..dankoo

cant agree more with what u said! more post 28th of this month >:D<