Monday, March 24, 2008

And..he lives on..

Bright light went out suddenly on the 20th March 2008, leaving the family shattered,in shock and grooping in the dark. A person who changed so many lives, a person who made so many people what they are today.A vaccum is created now in the family in which this great soul was a pillar of support. How old was he? "85" I said. "Oh, ya..thats old." , said they. There is never an 'age' to die i think. It rained and poured cats and more cats the day he was taken away to the cemetry. He had loads of skin problems and allergy. "My feet are on fire..they are burning", he used to say. Even the gods wept as he was being taken away. The weather became chilly and cold and we were all soaked to the skin, while he lay there, peacefully unaware of how soaked he was, by the rain and by our tears. The gods probably tried to cool his feet too.A person who never had a peaceful night's sleep because of all the stress he was under, slept that night, as all the rest stayed awake keeping vigil over him. Time to time, looking at the ice box to check if he is by chance breathing?

There is so much difference in the way people react to death. Women ask "Did he eat?, what did he eat? " "Why have u kept him in this box? i cant even touch him". Men discuss numbers and time. "When did he eat? What time did it happen? Have you got this confirmed by the doctor? ".The only similarity between the men and women is that the tears dont stop.

Truly a remarkable man was he, my maternal grandfather. Someone who commanded respect, love and admiration from all who knew him. The spirit truly lives on. We, his chidren and grandchildren , hope to continue his legacy and try to be good human beings and help our society as much as we can, just like he did. We also pray that the family does not wither away and we continues to be just that. A family . I dearly wish i had told you more often how much you mean to us, and how much we all love you.Tatha, you will always remain in a very special place in our hearts. May your blessings and love be on all of us forever. Rest in peace.


Sandhya said...

Completely speechless
And reactionless.

An amazing piece of writing and an even more amazing way of expression.

Keep writing. It has always been a pleasure to read your blogs. :)

Confounded-Lady said...

Thatha will be proud of his lil girl. I'm sure.

Peace be with us all.
(God I sound like the Holy Quran but I meant it )


Gowri Rao said...

first of all, i am very sorry about ur loss su. Grand pa's are like old buddies, they teach us so many things in such delicate ways no one else can teach. That kind of love and affection no one else can shower. when i read what you wrote about ur grand pa, i could picture mine. may his soul rest in peace.

Aditya said...

Sorry Akka :(

Its a great loss .