Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When Cupid strikes...

He always loved watching the scenery speeding past.As any 28 year old normally would, Alok Sharma a banker by profession,loved a train travel.As he sat and thought through his life, he got back glimspes of his school days, getting scolded by teachers, admiring his english teacher's stlye adn poise,his college canteen, those theater days and doing the wheeles to impress the girls on the street. Recollecting his college days always bought a smile to his face. The boyish charm he oozed never went unnoticed by people who met him.His thoughts were interrupted by a pat on the shoulder."Son, will you read out the number on the ticket?", asked a soft voice next to him."Sure aunty, its 30.Upper berth".He instantly understood, that she will not be able to climb up, and offered to exchange his lower berth with her.

Just as he was about to climb up, was when he saw her.She looked up at the same instant.The spark was fast.Faster than the spark itself.His world suddenly stopped around him.Never had he been so attracted to a person at first sight.He so dearly wished to talk to her.But, he wondered how she would react.So pretty and sweet she looked, in the pink outfit that she wore.He thought how lovely her dark brown eyes were. The innocence in her, touched him very deeply.She stopped what she was doing and kept staring at him.Suddenly shy, her head bent low, as if searching for something for something on the floor. He took two steps ahead and she suddenly got up, and started walking away.He followed her.

She went till the door and was about to open the door of the compartment, he held her hand and pulled her back.He realised, he was holding her so tightly , that he was hurting her. Then let go.Smiled at her ,extended his hand , and said,"Hi, am Alok, whats your name?" , "Am Sunaina, and i study in 5th Standard , C Section.", said she.

Monday, March 24, 2008

And..he lives on..

Bright light went out suddenly on the 20th March 2008, leaving the family shattered,in shock and grooping in the dark. A person who changed so many lives, a person who made so many people what they are today.A vaccum is created now in the family in which this great soul was a pillar of support. How old was he? "85" I said. "Oh, ya..thats old." , said they. There is never an 'age' to die i think. It rained and poured cats and more cats the day he was taken away to the cemetry. He had loads of skin problems and allergy. "My feet are on fire..they are burning", he used to say. Even the gods wept as he was being taken away. The weather became chilly and cold and we were all soaked to the skin, while he lay there, peacefully unaware of how soaked he was, by the rain and by our tears. The gods probably tried to cool his feet too.A person who never had a peaceful night's sleep because of all the stress he was under, slept that night, as all the rest stayed awake keeping vigil over him. Time to time, looking at the ice box to check if he is by chance breathing?

There is so much difference in the way people react to death. Women ask "Did he eat?, what did he eat? " "Why have u kept him in this box? i cant even touch him". Men discuss numbers and time. "When did he eat? What time did it happen? Have you got this confirmed by the doctor? ".The only similarity between the men and women is that the tears dont stop.

Truly a remarkable man was he, my maternal grandfather. Someone who commanded respect, love and admiration from all who knew him. The spirit truly lives on. We, his chidren and grandchildren , hope to continue his legacy and try to be good human beings and help our society as much as we can, just like he did. We also pray that the family does not wither away and we continues to be just that. A family . I dearly wish i had told you more often how much you mean to us, and how much we all love you.Tatha, you will always remain in a very special place in our hearts. May your blessings and love be on all of us forever. Rest in peace.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


A Trip to Pondichery for Hari's engagement over the weekend of March 8,9th and I come back refreshed. Mind and Soul. Mind, because i did a lot of thinking.Soul because of a flying visit to TiruvEndipuram.

We made a trip to the beach called Paradise Beach. There is a resort called Chunamba Resort. A small boat ride in the backwaters and then you hit the land then ...Beach!!! Beautifully clean, well maintained beach. We managed to shoot some interesting snaps too. There were not too many people too, so we could do as much masti as we wanted without being "watched/scrutinized".

But once on the beach, all forgot about everything else.Completely relaxed in the cool breeze and blue water hitting the shores.I went to a beach after ages and became a child once again! Ran around, collected shells, held M's hand and played splashing water as we ran in the beach.(Thanks Arvind for a cute snap..will treasure it for a long time to come).Enjoyed sitting by the shore and just watching the waves crash the shore. A Wave, tells you in its quiet way, all that goes down, comes up, and all that is up, comes down. A very huge lesson, if understood, can make a profound impression upon you.There is so much good around us, yet we find faults, crib and be pessimistic about life. I somehow made up my mind, that i will only be a good-finder from now on. Will be extreemely cheerful, positive, take all the good with the bad. Because i have learnt from the wave, that if i am down today, i am going to be UP tomorrow.Promise!

After ages, the friend crowd got together.Felt Rajesh's presence a lot during those moments. Sometimes miss him so much that a lump forms in the throat. I have promised myself, will always remember him for the good person he was and try to be of some support to his family and will do some good to the society. It will be my little way of showing him that i miss him very much.Had got so used to him being around, a 6 footer with a pleasing smile and twinkling eyes brimming with miscief. We will always feel your presence amongst us.You are missed Rajesh.Very much.This post would have been grossly incomplete if i had not mentioned you. Because all of us rememebered you , all our eyes were moist at one point of time or the other , all our hearts were heavy and yet words remained unspoken.May you be at peace buddy.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Strange is the way of Life,
Shows you a stream, Says Go on, Swim.
Then comes along someone who says,
No dont. The current is far too strong.

Strange is the way of Life,
Shows you a flower, Says Go on, Pick it.
Then comes along someone who says,
No, dont. Thats not what flowers are for.

Strange is the way of Life,
Shows you people,Says Befriend them.
Then comes along someone who says,
No, dont. People may talk.

Strange is the way of Life,
Shows you a path,Says walk on it.
Then comes along someone who says,
No, dont. Its not very safe, this road.