Friday, February 15, 2008

My Angel!

Even after writing 3 testimonials for her, i am still not satisfied. So here comes a post! This is just for YOU angel!

We met 8 years ago..A seemingly quiet person with a powerful presence, a sweet smile, polite ways ,who would have thought that a casual meeting would become a bond that would last this long even after mind-blowing misunderstanding , which caused a year long silence. But, i am so very very glad that things got cleared up and that incident just made the bond stronger.

Over the years, she has played the role of so many people in my life.She has been my strength, my weakness , my sister, my guide , my buddy.

One of those rare species of women who can drive any damn vehicle with equal ease as guys do..Ever ready with soothing words, a warm hug when depressed, who would implicitly hold my hands when i used to be home-sick, ensure that i always ate at the right time, ensured that i took my medicines, held me everytime i cried, was proud of me everytime i did smething worthy (which was not very often!!) , gave me a whack when i drove fast on the highway ;)
All the crazy times we had, the midnite b'day celebrations, both our trips to the hospital , the innumerable train journeys of blr-pune-blr , our lonavla trip with the gang , our shiridi trips, thise trips to the city, movies, CCds, shopping sessions, crazy mad time with Rosh,gosh..what soooper days we have had!!

What a wonderful friend i of the many things i need to be thankful to God my Manasi..God bless u and may every dream of yours come true..Smile more, work less, take Very good care of your health and rememeber i need you around till my very last breath!!

I wish i can be even half as good to you as you have been to me!

Cheers to our friendship and pray that it lasts forever.I know i have not done justice to our bond with this small paragraph!!

This post is my gift to you (you know why!)

Sue Loves You :-)

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Feb 02 2008.Just to bookmark this day in my dairy.The day i got introduced to Dikshitar kritis by EAA,SK,SP.EAA has been sending me songs, every now and then to improve my listening skills. Somehow never got into my head.Heard SK sing and SP on the guitar. Numbed. Totally. U guys are gurus. Period. EVER grateful to you all.

I bow down to the 3 of you for showing me this path to walk on. make tht Zillion Thanks :)