Wednesday, January 2, 2008

She weeps

She weeps.
Her tears did not disolve his resolve to leave.
the pain tore her heart to pieces.
She knew she had to move on.
Her feet would not move two inches forward.

What could she do other than weep?
nothing she said bought him back
A hard reality to live with.
A constant pain and a constant memory now is left.

Why? she asks time and again
Come back. she says and again tries to stop him
He shakes her off and goes away.
She weeps.

PS:No clue why i wrote this.


Confounded-Lady said...


Vasumathi Sridharan said...

thanks myth...

Shreekrishna said...

Do I know "her"? :|

Vasumathi said...

We will leave that for another day SK :-)

Maybe you do..maybe you dont!!!

gayatri SWAMINATHAN said...

Awesome poem....Spellboud! U indeed have a poet's skill...Wish to c many such contributions..