Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year..

Bharani called to wish me a Happy New Year and told me that she was going to an NGO called 'Nele Nagendra' to distribute some books, pencils,bat and ball and some eatables for the 75 odd boys in the ashram aged 3-15.

This truly was one of those days that taught lessons on sharing, being for one another, being kind to another human being, spreading smiles. I did not do all this.I learnt all this from those little ones there. Bharani gave a buiscut to a little boy there,who had just gotten back from school (obviously hungry), he immediately broke it into two and extended one half to me! I could not belive my eyes! I was amazed at their love for each other and those smiles, despite knowing that they had no parents. Some of them had parents, but they had just left them in the ashram and never bothered to visit to check on their wards.

They sang for us, we made them tell stories. I sang a little prayer song for them. The caretaker noted down the song and promised to teach them.
In all, a day that moved me very deeply and made me take a resolution that i will never crib for small things or sulk. Also resolved to do whatever little i can and return to the society that i take so much from. A new year day that i will remember for a long time to come.

With a silent prayer in my heart for every child in Nele and in other such organizations, i would like to end this post.

PS: Thanks for patiently reading and request you to do what little you can to brighten up the lives of these kids.They surely deserve a much better life.

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