Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Look!

Yipeee!! Just decided that my blog looked way too coulourless and cheerless...So just for the heck of it, changed it to my all time FAV colour. You may think what you like, but PINK it is and PINK it will be for a while! Just reminded me of all the then frequent shopping sprees..used to pick up pink t-shirts, pink shoes, pink salwar kameez, pink bangles and pink what not much to my mom's "how many more pinks are you gonna just bought 3 pink tops the other day Vasu...please stop it!" kind of looks ! I even wanted my bedroom to be painted pink, but did not quite express the desire, since this is not going to be 'my' permanent home sinf snif.Well. a fact actually. Howmuch ever i wish to live with my parents all my life, not quite possible.Thanks to the lovely society we live in.Take a bow society dearest. No clue, why i am being so cynical today, but what the heck! I till love PINK and all shades of pink. Baby pink especially.Looks nice on anyone and everyone.

Pink is here to stay to chase my blues away! Oh My! day by day improvement teriyardhu Sue :-)

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