Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hello..Naan XYZ Pesaren..

Caller: Hello, eppdi irukkenga?
VJ : TV Volume kammi pannunga
Caller: Panniten ga
VJ: Hello..unga per enna
Caller: Naan Bharathidasan pesarenga , tivanmayoor lendhu.
VJ: Maruthidasan-a??
Caller: illanga bharathi bharathidasan
VJ : Oh appdiya..nallarkeengla? (the VJ still did not get the name right)
Caller:naan nalla irukken ga..neenga ?
VJ : enna pannrenga? TV volume innum konjam kammi pannidunga. (standard dialogue again!)
Caller: naan mechanic a work pannrenga
VJ : appdiya..yennoda car la problem irunda solve pannuvengla? TV paathutu la concentrate pannunga ok va?
Caller: kandippanga..enga ooku vaanga..enga veetukku vanga
VJ: kandippa varenga.Enna paadal venum?
Caller: edavadhu nalla MGR padal podunga
VJ: kandippa ..dho ungalukkaga inda paadal..yarukkavadhu dedicate pannanuma??
Caller: Amma, appa, paati, tatha, maami, chitti,chitappa, nai kutti and poona kutti kki appram nethi zoo la paatha yanai kutti kaagavum kooda 'dedicat' pannaren.

Promptly a 'actor' Sivaji Ganeshan song comes on screen!

So much for wonderful Live Shows!! You need to wear tight fitting clothes (i am all the time scared for the people, i feel they will soffocate and wont be able to breathe in those clothes), glaring/jarring make-up, Looong earring, speak tam like english, be an expert at messing up names,places etc,and giggle needlessly, and oh yea, play the Wrong request. This is great entertainment.Period.


Ok said...

Devil or the deep sea? Sun Music or Sun TV soap?

Anyway I happened to see some when I was at home. Then I thought would I would do if I was on TV. Its actually tough to come up with new and interesting ways of telling the same things everday.

Anyway read some of your other posts. Pretty serious I would say.


Confounded-Lady said...

Tell me about it. Tamil like English?

Thats not as bad as Enlgish like Tamil.... some of the VJs in SS were like that in its incipient stages.

Sad I tell you. Sometimes I think DD rocks :D

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

Thanks for stopping by. I agree, but the glaring mistakes are way too often and too obvious.

DD rocks yes!!!oh yes!!