Thursday, December 13, 2007

A blessing exists in every burden

Very heavy title for a post. and a post that comes after ages. And the title of the post is what i learnt today after such a long and tiring journey to our Electronic city office. It takes about 2 hours and 15mins one way to reach office. Am just back after travelling for 5.5hrs in a single day! The bangalore traffic conditions are worldfamous already and you dont need to be a Rocket scientist to understand how irritated i felt while travelling.

So, once i resigned to the fact that i was going to have a never ending journey, i settled down confortably in my seat and started to listen to music.The playlist played one lovely song after the other.I have never relished MSS or Bombay Jayashree anymore than i did today! It was pure bliss and by the time i reached office, i had tears rolling down my eyes and was feeling so blessed to have experienced the joy of listening to some lovely carnatic music. My burden turned to blessing the moment i realised, i would have anyway reached office, why fret and get irritated! Might as well enjoy the journey! Make The journey more memorable..that matters and matters a lot. We will anyway reach our destination and also relish the journey to the fullest.

So thats a lesson learnt and...Shared!