Sunday, September 9, 2007

When is your marriage??

Have been listening to this lousy dialogue for the past year or so.Its so irritating.If you are a girl and have reached the age between 20-25 and not married yet..Oh Boy..belive me you are bound to hear this dumb line everyday some 50 times atleast.Friends scrap on orkut with this question, if by chance you are chatting with a long lost friend, this is the first thing you are asked..I wish people would just grow up and get a LIFE.

Makes me wonder marriage so important? Its an important event in a person's life.No doubts about it.But is it the 'only' thing to a woman's life?I have just begun to dread any function or a wedding in the family.Can feel everyone's eyes watching every move of yours. really have to experience this.

Typical questions:

Them: What have you studied?
Me: MS ...
Them : Oooooooh you say yes to a boy who is a BE?
Me: What the hell...

Them:What kind of a boy do you want?
Me: (if i knew he would be with me right now)

Them: Are you ready to go out of bangalore?
Me: (you are occupying too much space...of my space)

I am beginning to come up with wacky ones for these questions these days..

To all other specimens going thru this phase...

Loads of luck,
A better specimen.


Arvind said...

a very important point has been made in the form of the query usually asked "will a BE do for u"

nowadays people have started considering educational qualification as the PRIME criteria for marriage..

it nowadays hardly matters whether any tradition is followed by the boy or one even bothers to find out whether the boy knows to wear kachcham...atleast whether he knows his abhivadana...

it is a BE and now with a MBA which creates demand for a bachelor or spinster.

Vani's World said...

hi vasumathi,
am an occasional blogger as well.
well, i just happend to come across ur blog and boy how true that in my mid twenties as well....i can totally empathize with u.....great write up...i enjoyed reading it...

- yet another victim of the same question haha(when is ur marriage??? grrrr)

Archana Achuthan said...

Going thro this phase now!!