Sunday, September 9, 2007

MS Subbulakshmi

A few words that come to my mind when i hear MSS's name.An Angel,Godess Saraswathi incarnation, Divine,Soulful music, Straight from the heart.

A typical south indian family's morning starts with your Suprabatham and Vishnu Sahasranamam.Not to forget BhajaGovindam!

Her music is "Straight from the Heart", which is why it touches anyone who has heard her.Oh my, wat devotion.I am grooping for words at the moment as i listen to "Rangapura Vihara" a few minutes when i hear the next song enqued "Kurai ondrum illai" am sure i will cry again, for the Nth time.Anytime, anywhere, any number of times i listen to that song, i WILL cry.Its a Scheduled task or something i just cant be helped..A few top favourites:

{My "For" loop always starts with 0 LOL}

0.Kurai Ondrum Illai
2.Rangapura Vihara
4.Pibare Ramarasam
5.Bhavayami Gopalapalam
6.Nama Ramayanam (amma used to sing this to me as a child...was my ultimate lullaby..i have also heard amma sing this for my younger sister..somehow this song always has worked as a charm..listen to it and automatically fall asleep!! Even works till date!!)
7.Vadavarayai Mathaaki
8.Sitamma Mayamma
9.Katrinile varum geetham
10.Mamava pattabi
11.Enna thavam seyithane
12.Vande Mataram
15.Hanuman Chalisa

I can actually go on and on and on...

Love u MSS amma..u are and will always be THE BEST!!

One of my greatest unfullfilled wish..I wish to have met you when you were amongst us and touched your feet to see if you were for real.....Anyway, will meet you someday (you know where..).Just my small tribute to The ultimate woman,My ultimate idol, The Legend, The Voice, The Beauty,The Sheer Devotion,Ultimate Simplicity...this list can also go on and on and on....

Am going to sleep with Suddha Bramha Paratpara Ram echoing in my ears!

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Aditya said...

Wonderfully written :)
I came across this article wen i was listenin to Nama Ramayanam :)