Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dance like theres noone watching...

Dance like there is Noone Watching....

I read this somewhere and stopped for a moment to think...have i done that before? Most of the time, its FEAR that stoppes us from doing the things that we want.Fear of parents or most often than not..ourselves.This made me think the n number of times i would have stopped myself from doing things i badly wanted to do.

The many times i wanted to run and play in the rain, but stopped myself, the many times i wanted to just let my hair down and party till late night, but never did coz of fear of parents.The many times i wanted to cry, but smiled instead, The many times i wanted an ice-cream but stopped coz of fear of catching a cold, The many times wanted to eat Gol Gappe and stopped mid way out of fear of falling ill, the many times i despearately wanted to speed on the highway, but did not, The many times stopped myself from saying "i love you" to people i love..

One Day..i promise myself that i will do all this.without day...


A small incident the happened sometime back..have been unable to get it out of my head.

Whilst on a early morning walk by the Sankey lake, i noticed a little girl of about 10..sitting by herself and staring at the water..and as i was about to pass by her, she looked up at me, and stared at me..something about her caught my attention and i instinctively slowed my her eyes looked straight into mine, i was taken aback..never have i seen such huge beautiful eyes before..eyes that were sad..very sad...In a single glance, those dark eyes spoke volumes..She was probably cold, hungry and miserable.I dont know why..felt a tug at my heart to hold her hand and say.."Its ok..everything will be alright..".Just as i approached her to talk to her, her mother, who probably worked as a caretaker of the lake stepped forward, caught the girl by the hand and dragged her away.As she walked away from me, she turned and gave me one last glance, without a reason, i had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes......Stay happy whereever you are little one..

When is your marriage??

Have been listening to this lousy dialogue for the past year or so.Its so irritating.If you are a girl and have reached the age between 20-25 and not married yet..Oh Boy..belive me you are bound to hear this dumb line everyday some 50 times atleast.Friends scrap on orkut with this question, if by chance you are chatting with a long lost friend, this is the first thing you are asked..I wish people would just grow up and get a LIFE.

Makes me wonder marriage so important? Its an important event in a person's life.No doubts about it.But is it the 'only' thing to a woman's life?I have just begun to dread any function or a wedding in the family.Can feel everyone's eyes watching every move of yours. really have to experience this.

Typical questions:

Them: What have you studied?
Me: MS ...
Them : Oooooooh you say yes to a boy who is a BE?
Me: What the hell...

Them:What kind of a boy do you want?
Me: (if i knew he would be with me right now)

Them: Are you ready to go out of bangalore?
Me: (you are occupying too much space...of my space)

I am beginning to come up with wacky ones for these questions these days..

To all other specimens going thru this phase...

Loads of luck,
A better specimen.

MS Subbulakshmi

A few words that come to my mind when i hear MSS's name.An Angel,Godess Saraswathi incarnation, Divine,Soulful music, Straight from the heart.

A typical south indian family's morning starts with your Suprabatham and Vishnu Sahasranamam.Not to forget BhajaGovindam!

Her music is "Straight from the Heart", which is why it touches anyone who has heard her.Oh my, wat devotion.I am grooping for words at the moment as i listen to "Rangapura Vihara" a few minutes when i hear the next song enqued "Kurai ondrum illai" am sure i will cry again, for the Nth time.Anytime, anywhere, any number of times i listen to that song, i WILL cry.Its a Scheduled task or something i just cant be helped..A few top favourites:

{My "For" loop always starts with 0 LOL}

0.Kurai Ondrum Illai
2.Rangapura Vihara
4.Pibare Ramarasam
5.Bhavayami Gopalapalam
6.Nama Ramayanam (amma used to sing this to me as a child...was my ultimate lullaby..i have also heard amma sing this for my younger sister..somehow this song always has worked as a charm..listen to it and automatically fall asleep!! Even works till date!!)
7.Vadavarayai Mathaaki
8.Sitamma Mayamma
9.Katrinile varum geetham
10.Mamava pattabi
11.Enna thavam seyithane
12.Vande Mataram
15.Hanuman Chalisa

I can actually go on and on and on...

Love u MSS amma..u are and will always be THE BEST!!

One of my greatest unfullfilled wish..I wish to have met you when you were amongst us and touched your feet to see if you were for real.....Anyway, will meet you someday (you know where..).Just my small tribute to The ultimate woman,My ultimate idol, The Legend, The Voice, The Beauty,The Sheer Devotion,Ultimate Simplicity...this list can also go on and on and on....

Am going to sleep with Suddha Bramha Paratpara Ram echoing in my ears!