Friday, June 1, 2007

Hope...The thing we all live on :-)

Whats life without a dream,
How i only wish i could make you see my dream!
Whats life without a silent wish,
How i hope i could make you understand my wish!

Whats the point in brooding,people ask,
How i wish, i could make them see the reason!
Whats with the sad smile,people ask,
How i wish,i could mask it well and get through this season!

Whats life without hope,i ask myself,
How i wish i had answers to all questions!
Whats going to be the end of this story,they ask,
How i wish..I Knew!

1 comment:

Avinash said...

wonderful!!..all ur poems are excellent!!...wud like to read few more if u hav.