Thursday, May 24, 2007

New home...

I know not, where i have come from,
I know not, where i will be going,
From the safe comfort of my den,
To travel on the roads i have never seen before.

With trepedition in my mind,
With a wild pounding in my heart,
Tear filled eyes that look beseechingly at mother,
Do not Send me away , I silently beg.

Looked into the loving eyes of a stanger,
I shall be always by your side,said the smile,
A Sudden sense of security creeps in,
A slight smile with mixed emotions tells the story.

Into a new world, with new people,
Into a new home with a new garden,
This is where i belong, a voice from within said,
I walked into the new home, to love,respect,obey and honor.


Gowri Rao said...

wah wah wah... kya dil nichod shayari he...

cyril said...

new home huh......
if ever this gets published and is included in one of those state syallabus text books i am sure the pupil population is goona love it becoz its so easy to remember
i just have to say
hey vasu ur a ROCK STAR lovely poem. new home huh......