Thursday, May 24, 2007

New home...

I know not, where i have come from,
I know not, where i will be going,
From the safe comfort of my den,
To travel on the roads i have never seen before.

With trepedition in my mind,
With a wild pounding in my heart,
Tear filled eyes that look beseechingly at mother,
Do not Send me away , I silently beg.

Looked into the loving eyes of a stanger,
I shall be always by your side,said the smile,
A Sudden sense of security creeps in,
A slight smile with mixed emotions tells the story.

Into a new world, with new people,
Into a new home with a new garden,
This is where i belong, a voice from within said,
I walked into the new home, to love,respect,obey and honor.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Can you forget...

Can you forget
The day warm soft hands that first held you ?
The day a sweet voice sang you a beautiful lullaby?
The day parent's loving eyes looked at you when you took your first step?
The day anxious faces that looked at you with worry when you fell ill ?

Can you forget
The day daddy took you to school on your first day?
The day granddad bought you your first Red coloured tricycle?
The day mummy clapped the most when you won your first prize at a race?
The day mummy and daddy took you out to the beach and played with you in the sea with glee?

Can you forget
The day daddy taught you to play badminton?
The day mummy taught you to sing sa ri ga ma pa?
The loving hugs from grandparents when you got back from school?
The squeals and screams of classmates as you topped the class?

Can you forget
The day you got drenched in the rain and danced for joy?
The day you ran after rainbow hoping to catch atleast one colour?
The day you heard a cuckoo and imitated it till your throat went sore?
The day you said "i love you" to mummy and daddy and did not understand why they had tears ?

Can you forget
The day a sibling came into your life and you looking at her in wonder?
The day your tiny hands held her while she cried?
The day you saw her take baby steps towards your dad?
The day you got furious when she held a little pen and scrawled all over your homework?

Can you forget
The day when you got ragged on the first day at college?
The day when you performed at the college fests with so much exhuberence?
The day(s) when you bunked classes and preferred to mark attendance at cafeteria instead?
The day you graduated and wondered how you managed to do it?

Can you forget
The day you got your first job and jumped for joy?
The day you stayed over at office for a straight 48 hours to complete a task?
The day you got your fist appreciation mails with a glorious award?
The day you realised theres lots more to office than just work?

Can you forget
The day daddy called you and said "Child, its time i get you married"?
The day you cried to you mummy begging for a couple of more years before marriage?
The day you realised that in the process of growing up, graduating and getting a job, you have not had time to notice the tired lines on the faces of your parents?
The day you grudgingly agreed to let your parents find a patner for you?

Can you forget
The day an old friend calls up just to say Hi and stirrs up nostalgic memories of school?
The day you accidently meet a school teacher and she remembers every detail about you even after some ten years?
The day you realised your fitness level has degraded since you joined work?
The day you relaised all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl?

Can you forget
The day of realisation that life is not about just slogging and making money?
The day you smiled while seeing old pictures and noticing how young and handsome Dad looked then and became sad because he has gray hair now?
The day of enlightenment that life is too short and if you have to say "I Love You", SAY IT
The day you forget all this, will mean you have grown old and need medication for amnesia.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Where has humanity gone?

A 60 year old lady was left on the streets by her son. She runs around screaming on the road or sits quietly in one corner alternatively and awaits someone to take her home.Nobody comes.Noone cares.She is shabbily clothed, hungry and has no place sleep, has no clothes to change into.

While she was sitting in her usual corner which is also a parking place for a Santro, the gentleman comes and honkes non-stop.She is deaf to him.Does not even see him.Just blankly staring ahead.He finally looses patience , gets out of the car, holds her by the hand and drags her away.A victorious smile on his face, having got his parking space now, parks his car and turns away.
She is living on the streets for the past one week. We have big shots , MLAs living on the same road, theres a police patroling car which passes by the road everyday.Even they have noticed her, but pretend they have not seen her.

My parents and me waited for some days hoping her people will take her back. When that did not happen, we decided to take matters at hand.We considered calling the police, but again, i am not very confident if they would help or show sympathy.I made a few calls to Ramakrishna Mission and they gave me a couple of numbers. Most of them were not keen on taking her.Spoke to many people, most of the charitable institutions seem to be full and not keen on taking another immate.The search for a safe place for her is still on.

This post is NOT to show off that we are trying to do a great deed, but this post is to sit and think, what has the world come to? We have around 50-60 families living in the same road. Everyone is aware of the situation, yet, nobody cared, nobody volunteered to help. If things go on like this, then we all can gleefully give up all hopes i have on this country's improvement. Goodbye to Dr.Kalam's "Dream India".That will remain just that. A Dream. Wake up people .This is reality. We are all selfish, arrogant, brash, ill mannered ,non-caring citizens of a country that has produced some great souls. If they were alive today, they would have been ashamed of us.All their sacrifice has gone a waste.

Dont we all have a social responsibilty? Are we all not answerable to ourselves? I wonder how people like that Santro owner sleep at night.Its not only him, but even me, for one week why did i keep quiet? Why did i not instantly help? Instead of wasting time Orkutting, should i not have taken 10 minutes and made the phone calls 1 week earlier? How far is this kind of heartless attitude going to take us? How could i slep peacefully when she was getting drenched in the rain on the streets? How could i just tap my feet to "Pray for me brother" , the new poverty anthem by A.R.Rahman while she is in so much agony?

Another instance, An old couple want to get to the hospital. They try in vain to stop cars and get a lift on the way to Sai baba hospital on Whitefield.Nobody bothers to stop.How are an old couple , the old man dressed in Veshti (dhoti) with a tilak on his forehead and the old lady in 9yards , both 80+ going to kill you or take away your money?

A friend of mine had a fatal accident and was lying battling in the hospital for his life, someone has stolen his wallet in the hospital.What if we all had not been informed of his accident by a good soul who found his mobile? We would not even have seen his body or given him his last rites.

Does it not make you shudder to think ? I can quote 100 other incidents and each of them will bring tears to a person who is sensitive and can't bear another human being's pain.Unless we are going to be more sensitive, unless we change our heartless nature , unless we let go of the "I Dont Care, as long as i enjoy myself" attitude and swear to help other people , we are on the way to destruction."We" is me, you, everybody.

THINK about it.