Friday, April 27, 2007

Star Gazing

Sometimes just looking at the night sky can relieve you of lot of stress..Its even more enjoyable if you can listen to Sahana or Neelambari Raaga playing in the background! It used to be a common practice to study in the terrace while i was in 10th.Used to always, switch off the lights for 10mins to enjoy star gazing.The habit has not yet left me.

It always refreshes me.In fact if you observe closely, one can even identify the constellations like Orion and Little Bear.Also happened to see a shooting star a few times.Incredible is the word!!I wish i could star gaze for a longer period of time..but can hardly keep my eyes open after a hard days work! Try it and see how good you feel!! Let your thoughts wander as you gaze up at the millions of stars on a cloudless night!! Totally Yummy!! God! I am getting starry eyed!!

What is the equipment you need to star gaze? Well a good healthy pair of eyes with a great desire to drink up the sky with a glance.Other than that a good pair of binoculars will also do.Aslo ensure you do not strain your neck.A reclining chair or an easy char as we call it, will do just fine.There were a few tips i could think of to make your experience a more satisfying one.

Happy Star Gazing!!


Kartikay said...

Stars are beautiful. Stars are brilliant. Stars sparkle. Stars destress. Stars give a soothing effect to your heart. Stars are great. Stars are wonderful. Stars are lively. Stars are breathtaking.

Most Important - Stars burn themselves but gives light to others.

Second Important - Stars are too far from reach.

Moral - Burn the star in you to give light to others. You will reflect all the characteristics and more of a true star.

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

awesome i say!! u shd start writing too Kartik!! especially the poem u shared with me the other way! c'mon, be a sport adn create a blog!! On popular demand!

Thanks for the comment! U made my day!!

Kartikay said...

I am glad you liked it. I do not share my thoughts unless asked for. Your blog asked for it...I gave it. You liked it...i got my reward. I made your day...I thank myself :)

Anil KV said...

Unfortunately, The only time I see stars is when I travel from Blore to Mlore in the bus. One cannot see stars in Blore city thanks to the polution. You can start seeing the stars once we are out of Blore and in the countryside.

Going by this rate, I think it wont be long before we loose the pleasure of watching the moon. !!!