Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mozhi - A Review

I am not an avid movie goer, nor am i a good critic. I do enjoy light comedy and romantic movies.One of movie that i had a chance to watch was Mozhi meaning language.

Jyotika,Prithviraj,Swarnamalya,Prakaj Raj and others have acted. Jyotika plays a deaf and dumb girl and lives with her grany.Prithvi and Prakash Raj are music composers and live in the same appartment as Jo. Prithvi falls in love with her even before knowing that she is deaf and dumb and how he persues her even after he gets to know about her being deaf and dumb highlight his character.

Till the end you cant really decide who is the main lead.Jo or Prithvi or the story or Prakash Raj's timing in the comic scenes. Some awesome dialogues, the sequence where Prithvi expresses his love for Jo and asks her to marry him, Jo's reaction to it are elegantly screened. Jyotika has surpassed herself and does exceedingly well in all her scenes. The scene where she tells swarnamalya that she wont attend her wedding and gives her a present in advance is one such example. Also when Prithvi barges into her room and yells at her for not coming to swarnamalya's wedding is superb!

Prakash Raj is awesome with his timing and he is so adorable in his scenes.Especially when he tells Prithvi that he has fallen for swarnamalya and he proposed to her.He says "Enakkum mani adiccudu, bulb kooda erinjadu".the other cute scene is where he throws up in front of the appartment secratries house and next day tells prithvi, i was wondering what that man was doing in our bathroom!!

The music is hummable and lyrics by Vairamuthu are excellent.
"Katrin Mozhi, oli ya, isiaya,
Poovin Mozhi nirama , maNama,
Kadallin Mozhi, alaya , noraya,
Kaadal Mozhi , vizhiya , idazha

Iyarkayin mozhigal purindividu , manidarku Mozhiye thevillai,
Idayathin mozhigal purinduvidu , manidarkku mozhiye thevaillai"

This was just a sample. The lyrics are really deep and can touch you.

the other very cute song is the Mannipaaya song. Its worth a listen.

Theres no vulgarity . Its a very clean movie and makes you laugh even when all you want to do is just smile!

Happy Watching!!

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